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Re: Leeboard Catboat

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  • mannthree
    Thank you Peter for the response and information John
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 3, 2008
      Thank you Peter for the response and information


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      > > I have been perusing BWAOM and came across the Leeboard Catboat
      > > (Chapter 67, page 358) and was quite taken with the design.
      > I'm not sure if you got an answer on this. At least one boat was built
      > to the Leeboard Catboat design. It was from the west coast of the US,
      > and very nicely done. Pictures were printed in Messing About in Boats,
      > but I can't give you the date of publication. I don't remember if
      > there was a report on the sailing performance, but anyone interested
      > in a traditional cruiser shouldn't expect to keep up with the modern
      > race boats.
      > If you know about catboats at all, you know that 1) the centerboard
      > dominates the cabin of the usual Cape Cod Cat designs, and 2) many are
      > very low inside. The boat is high-sided and doesn't have a
      > centerboard, so I'm sure the cabin would be a revelation to the
      > traditional catboater.
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