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Re: [bolger] Re: Boat recommendations

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  • Mark Albanese
    Pete: That s good advice. But Zepher is possible to cartop, if your car is long enough. It s true the length makes that a little easier. Mark
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2000
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      That's good advice.

      But Zepher is possible to cartop, if your car is long
      enough. It's true the length makes that a little easier.


      pmcrannell@... wrote:
      > Dear Jackie,

      > I wouldn't recommend a Teal for what you want to do with her.
      > She's great for rowing and sailing, however she doesn't have enough
      > room or capacity for all the stuff you're going to need. One
      > advantage is that she's a snap to build, and excellent first project
      > (she was the first boat I built, right out of Payson's book).
      > I suggest either Surf, or another Bolger design called Jinni. Surf
      > is a great sailer, has plenty of sprawling room, and sails like mad.
      > You can't sleep two in her, though. One can, but it'll take a little
      > thought to get enough flat area to lie down on.
      > Zephyr would be ideal, but at 20 feet, way out of the cartopping
      > range.
      > Jinni was designed as a camp cruiser. She'll sleep two, and has a
      > nice watertight storage hold. She sails really well, too.
      > You might look at Cubit on Jim Michelak's site. She's 13 feet, has
      > a small cuddy, and should have enough capacity to haul two, plus
      > camping gear, around.
      > A downside with any boat that's big enough to camp from or in is
      > that you're getting out of the cartopping weight limit. Surf weighs
      > about 150 lbs. and I imagine Jinni will come in somewhere around 200
      > lbs. (six sheets of plywood).
      > Are you planning to sleep in the boat, or beach her,and set up a
      > tent ashore? Surf will be great for that. Jinni will, too, plus you
      > can sleep aboard if there's nowhere to camp ashore.
      > Good luck with you project. You'll have a ton of fun.
      > Take care,
      > Pete Reynolds
      > --- In bolger@egroups.com, "J. Poutasse" <jpoutasse@s...> wrote:
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > I recently purchased the two "Instant Boat" books and have decided
      > to take
      > > the plunge and send off for the Teal plans.
      > > This will be my first large woodworking project. My skills are
      > minimal but I
      > > have the desire. I also have a father that makes fine furniture and
      > several
      > > woodworker friends so help is no more than a short drive or phone
      > call away.
      > > I am familiar with canoes and have been canoe camping lots of
      > times. I am
      > > not as familiar with sailing (very little as a child many many
      > years ago).
      > > So I'm basically a sailing neophyte.
      > > My question is will the Teal be large enough to handle two adults
      > with
      > > camping gear for a day or two or should I think about building a
      > boat that's
      > > a little bit bigger or of a diff. configuration?
      > > I don't want to have to trailer a boat because I live in an condo
      > with on
      > > street parking so something that cartops is the best for me. (My
      > car is a
      > > small wagon)
      > >
      > > Any suggestions would be appreciated.
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Jackie
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