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Re: [bolger] Re: Heads up a neat new (sort of) rig

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  • Harry James
    Bob Weren t you looking for a place to build a boat with David in the Gulf Coast area? HJ
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 23, 2008

      Weren't you looking for a place to build a boat with David in the Gulf
      Coast area?


      loosemoosefilmworks wrote:
      > Mike...Nothing wrong with the Loose Moose design simply that our needs have somewhat
      > changed over the last few years. Fact is you could do a whole lot worse than the design as
      > it is inexpensive and easy to build (Loose Moose took only 1500 hours), seaworthy and
      > gets you into places that a lot of other boats can't ( got to love that 18" draft!) These days
      > as we have a yacht charter company in the Caribbean a lot of our clients are not educated
      > enough to appreciate or understand a boat like LM2.
      > We have considered rebuilding the design though on several occassions as we liked it that
      > much.
      > I have yet to hear any problems with the design from anyone who actually has seen, built
      > or sailed on one built to plan..Though I have heard a lot of heresay sort of stuff that we
      > never experienced on our boat. Just my opinion but the new version seems to address a
      > bunch of problems that never existed on our boat and we sailed close to 12,000 miles on
      > it.
      > But as the old saying goes "been there done that" so the next boat has a lot more to do
      > with stretching myself as a boat builder and truth be told I expect it will be my last live on
      > board boat project I build myself. So I might even give myself the luxury of taking a whole
      > year to build the ulitima Loose Moose instead of the four months the LM2 design would
      > take.
      > Bob
      > http://boatbits.blogspot.com/
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "mkriley48" <mkriley@...> wrote:
      >> not to hijack the thread but what would be wrong with an new
      >> loose moose with lug rigs. what did you find about the loose moose
      >> that makes you not want another?
      >> thanks
      >> mike
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