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Re: Motorsailor desired, for Ray Electric and sail power, shoal draft - suggestions?

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Hi John, ... ...snip... Take a look at Bolger s Summer Ease (sometimes mistakenly called Summer Breeze) design. It s in the bolger_study_plans_only group
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2008
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      Hi John,

      > I'm considering a motorsailor to replace my Ray
      > Electric Explorer. I very much like the Ray motor, and
      > electric power in general, but a 60 mile range between
      > 115VAC outlets is too limiting. I need a sailing rig
      > but I'm concerned that the weight and clutter of both
      > sail and electric power may be a bit much for my Sea
      > Pearl hull, particularly with 4 aboard. I've found
      > some possibilities but I'd be interested in
      > suggestions and advice.

      Take a look at Bolger's Summer Ease (sometimes mistakenly called
      Summer Breeze) design. It's in the bolger_study_plans_only group
      Files section. I have often dreamed about building this one with
      electric power, since the batteries could replace some or all of the
      water ballast, using the volume under the seats. I have the plans,
      but not close at hand, so just going from memory, I believe the
      water ballast is around 800 lbs or so.

      It's not an instant boat, but it wouldn't be very hard to loft and
      jig. It has a huge hold for camping gear (or even a portable
      toilet), and a nice centerline motor mount. Displacement is shown
      as 2500 lbs, which should provide plenty of capacity for four and
      their gear. Bolger told me that none have been built that he knows
      of. If it were me, I'd draw a balanced lug mainsail for it to make
      the mainmast shorter. Had I been aware of this boat 10 years ago, I
      would probably have built one by now.

      Jon Kolb
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