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  • Ron Magen
    While I haven t rowed either one, I can give you a customers response to the Rubens version. About 10 years ago I built a Rubens Nymph for a gentleman
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 3, 2008
      While I haven't 'rowed' either one, I can give you a customers response to
      the 'Rubens' version.

      About 10 years ago I built a 'Rubens Nymph' for a gentleman who's wife had a
      'degenerative muscle disease'. She had difficulty moving around, plus
      problems with her balance. He wanted a 'stable platform' to be a tender to
      his 20 ft sailboat.

      I followed the plans pretty much - except I increased the transoms to 3/4
      inch Philippine Mahogany. Also the 'fore - aft' seat - the 'split' version.
      While the exterior was Epoxy & 'glass, the inside was simply painted. {Look
      in the 'DUCKWORKS' archives . . there should be a column I wrote on her

      About 7 years after I sold her, I got a call from the owner. He had just
      moved and accidently sheered off the skeg . . could I replace it ? {Actually
      there were a lot more problems then that . . even though the hull was still
      sound despite the neglect}.

      The point is she did her job WELL. So much so that they thought of repairing
      rather then replacing. Either one is an easy build, but I'd recommend the
      'Rubens' . . unless space is at a premium. If you want to carry her in the
      back of a van, station wagon, or 'mini-truck, the 3ft6in beam of the
      'regular' Nymph might be more suitable.

      Regards & Good Luck,
      Ron Magen
      Backyard Boatshop

      > 2a. Nymph
      > Posted by: "loosemoosefilmworks" loosemoosefilmworks@...
      > loosemoosefilmworks
      > Date: Sun Mar 2, 2008 7:13 am ((PST))
      > Has anyone built both of the Nymph versions? Or more importanly rowedboth?
      > How does the
      > Rubens Nymph perform in comparison?
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