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Re: Micro Costs

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  • graeme19121984
    James, thanks for your report on your Wish II eperience to date. I can well understand why you swapped from Wisp to Wish II for your adventure down such a
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 11, 2007

      thanks for your report on your Wish II eperience to date.
      I can well understand why you swapped from Wisp to Wish II for your
      adventure down such a mighty river!

      The standing lug sails you've opted for could be the way to go for
      that extra sail capacity - it was probably easier to get the
      sailplan balanced compared to the other options with spinnakers and
      such, no? It will be interesting to hear your report on the sailing
      performance after you have had more sailing time on her. BTW did you
      keep the mast at the same height for the extra area in the lug sail,
      or go for an increase there too? Did you increase the size of the
      lee boards? How do you find those? I bet they were good over the
      river shallows and near the banks.

      Did PCB say plans were available, James? - I know you were able to
      build from the book and adapt things to suit, but it seems to me
      there are details missing in the book and more plans of some of the
      fixtures would be better rather than adapting things from other
      design plans. I haven't seen your letter, nor PCB's article in
      MAIB :(
      Do you remember which issues they were or what year? I'll be looking
      out for any future reports you care to give here - and any photos ;-)

      Did you leave the bulkhead for the aft well in the same place? If
      you did, is that enough space for clearance for the outboard when
      it's raised, and also is that where you can fit the twenty gallons
      of gas?

      I hope you have easy going with the reconditioning - I guess you are
      going to paint as well! Be interesting to hear how she goes on Lake
      Superior - that's some serious water!!


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "james caldwell" <jcaldwell29@...>
      > Graeme:
      > I took the plans from 30 Odd Boats
      > (Sarah(daughter) & I had made 265 miles on the Mississippi in my
      > but we got tired of locks and camping in mud and rowing into
      > headwinds) back in 1999, so I picked the Wish II as the 'size' and
      > hull form, then took the scantlings and offsets from the book.
      > We built the boat in one 1/2 summers (folks the hull and deck is
      > of the work) I sewed sails with materials form Sail-Rite and we
      > going agian in 2002. I modified the design by deleting the aft
      > and put a deeper cockpit (Bolger thought I lost too much righting
      > volume, but I don't),I moved the pivot rudder over about 9" and
      > cut a portal in the large transon for an 8 hp long shaft 4 bladed
      > prop Honda. I put a tabernacle for the mast just high enough to
      > clear the stem and the interior is 6' bearths in front and 5'
      > and stowage. I also added a little spring to the sheer but did not
      > cut woen the transom. of The rig is changed to a cat yawl double
      > standing lug sprit boom one (the main is huge (I added 3/4" to the
      > mast diameter) as I like makeing something in light air. I also
      > in 700 lb lead but placed it alittle too far aft having not
      > for the weight of the Honda on the transom. I also have room for
      > gallons of gas
      > We took it down the Mississippi in two weeks anchoring at the bank
      > night staying in marinas only North of St, Louis and at Memphis.
      > I have had to store it since then and have not tried the sailing
      > to enough report honestly about it. Phil suggested that I do a
      > down righting test (which I will) next spring after I recondition
      > I sent pictures to Bolgers (as I have with all his boats I've
      > and also to MAIB who published a picture of the boat nearly done
      > a letter and then Phil wrote an article for the magazine next year.
      > The sharpie hull form motored wonderfully and I've got a trip
      > to Lake Superior (I've had to get myself retired (and my daughter
      > went off to an art school in Chicago) and clear up some person
      > matters before I could do any more cruising, but hope to have a
      > report for the group next summer.
      > Do not !!! finish a boat bright if you plan to have it out doors
      > any serious time !!
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