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  • 9buck crowley
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      ----------------------------------------> From: buckcrowley@...> To: bolger@yahoogroups.com> Subject: RE: [bolger] Re: Bolger Micro> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 17:50:36 -0700>>> __ Hi>> My micro is ten years old. It was built of 1/2" occume throughout. Phill approved the change. He told me he spec'd 1/4" fir because it was cheap. I sheathed my boats exterior with glass and coated it's interior with epoxy. This was a labor intensive, expensive, toxic nightmare. A nutshell pram built by me of the same ply at the same time and seeing the same service looks just as good as the micro ten years later. If I were I to build again I'd look into using 1/2' sapele for the bottom and 3'/8" sapele for the rest of the boat and forgo the epoxy except for gluing and soaking the edges of the ply. This would save a tremendous ammount of mind numbing labor and might be cheaper too.> My reccomendation however is to build the birdwatcher 1. No motor no tender no keel. Ask Phil if he doesn't agree..>> Buck> p.s.> Keep in mind that building your own boat while rewarding is certainly not the economical way to go. If you haven't built a boat before build your dinghy first. The nutshell is an excellent boat it tows well_and is fun to row________________________> To: bolger@yahoogroups.com> From: peterlenihan@...> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 09:43:40 +0000> Subject: [bolger] Re: Bolger Micro>> --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "endsley_t" wrote:>> In essence, I want a boat capable of pushing the Elements to the>> limit. One that, if caught out in a squall, will get me home safe.> Keep this in mind; it will be the elements that are going to push> you around, not the other way around ;-)> Most well built boats will pretty much accomplish the task of saving> you.The master and/or crew however may not be able to take as much> as the boat can handle.>> What are the disadvantages of the added plywood weight?> Added costs and added difficulty of bending 1" ply...unless you> laminate 2 layers of 1/2"....but then there is the cost thing again.>> Any other modifications anyone would use (or did use) building> their>> Micro?> I used stainless tube for rudder post instead of the called for> piece of wood.>>>> If you were going to build today...>> Micro or Long Micro?> Micro.>> Why?> 'cause the first one worked so well :-)> Sincerely,> Peter Lenihan,ex owner/builder of LESTAT..............>>> >> _________________________________________________________________> Boo! Scare away worms, viruses and so much more! Try Windows Live OneCare!> http://onecare.live.com/standard/en-us/purchase/trial.aspx?s_cid=wl_hotmailnews

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    • dnjost
      Yeah - i have to agree here. Birdwatcher to me is a vast improvement over many of the Micro s shortcomings. 1. very easy to launch, rig, get underway 2.
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        Yeah -
        i have to agree here. Birdwatcher to me is a vast improvement over
        many of the Micro's shortcomings.
        1. very easy to launch, rig, get underway
        2. rowable
        3. should sail very well
        4. faster on all points due to longer waterline.

        that said, Micro is an amazing little boat. One day I went out when it
        was blowing like stink and the boat remained as stable as a church
        pew. Haul in the mizzen, drop the main, and the boat sits like a duck
        while you tuck the reefs in. The rig is really cool.

        The boat is worth building and will probably be a tad cheaper overall
        than Birdwatcher as there are more materials in a 24' boat than a 15'

        David Jost
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