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Re: Catfish Beachcruiser

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  • sw3tom
    I came across this discussion while searching for Catfish info. I just ordered the plans after lots of research on different catboats and decided that this one
    Message 1 of 29 , Sep 7, 2007
      I came across this discussion while searching for Catfish info. I
      just ordered the plans after lots of research on different catboats
      and decided that this one "fits" me. I will modify the plans to allow
      a more "normal" cat boat cockpit but also retain the canvass shelter
      idea. I don't think that it will be difficult to come up with a good

      The hull itself is similar to many other boats room-wise. I've
      compared it to the study plans of the Wittholz 15' catboat which also
      has a functional cockpit and a forward "cuddy". I think that if I
      keep the cuddy area as designed but reduce the side decks to about 5
      inches with a nice fair from the cuddy that it will work. Then I can
      build in cockpit seats that can also double as narrow births verses
      sleeping on the deck. I will know when the plans arrive and I have
      had a chance to work with them a bit. I don't see why it shouldn't be
      do-able for a daysailor with a camping option.

      I do like the the fixed keel and plan to stay with that. I do think
      that I will frame the hull verses stitch and glue though. I've just
      finished a Mertens PK78 sailing dinghy and while I am impressed with
      the boat and design, I did not enjoy the fiberglass work...and I've
      done plenty. Part of the goal of building a boat is the actual
      building pleasure and I much prefere wood work over epoxy/glass.

      I'm not a heretic though; I understand the benefit of epoxy and will
      plan on using it as fastener but want to skip the filets and glass. I
      have the Glen-L plywood construction book and it should really help.
      I also have a book that shows the Bobcat being this way...

      Good luck if you decide to build and I will try to share my results
      as well.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "graeme19121984" <graeme19121984@...>
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "bris120" <bris120@> wrote:
      > > I am going to have to mock something up like yourself or start
      > > looking elsewhere as the uncertainty is killing me!
      > Go ahead and mock it up Brett. Then both your wife and yourself can
      > sit inside the lines and get a very good feel for how it would work
      > for real. You can try out any combination of options from the
      > original or upgrade, or others you may think of. My understanding
      > that the deck height for the upgrade wasn't changed. Plenty of room
      > for fishing etc. Have you got the study plan? It's easy enough to
      > get close enough measurements from that.
      > If the salient keel is done away with, another cb option that frees
      > up cockpit floor space (I've been looking at it today on another
      > Bolger boat having a "false" floor that is closely sized and
      > proportioned to Catfish) is like the Cartopper solution. A big kick
      > up rudder off the transom to make up for a smaller than usual cb
      > that could be way up forward. The cb could be high aspect, and
      > relatively long and narrow could have much of its width below the
      > floor. The cb case might stick up above the original floor by only
      > as much as 6" to 8" or so. The cb case might have to be sealed, so
      > there's good and bad. If the board were in a higher case something
      > like the brilliant one in SPARKLER (pivot like that in Aussie
      > Corsairs if you know them) that might serve without having to be
      > sealed (like the upgrade), but OTH it does protrude higher into the
      > cockpit space.
      > Graeme
      > > PS Was your Hills Hoist stayed or unstayed? ;)
      > Lots of people seem to opt for other solutions nowadays, but mine's
      > stayed unstayed :0)
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