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Re: New Instant boats yahoo group

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  • michaelmickjoseph
    I have been on many boatbuilding forums in the past. The ones I enjoy most are the ones where people EXPLORE various methods of boatbuilding. I enjoy building
    Message 1 of 39 , Aug 1, 2007
      I have been on many boatbuilding forums in the past. The ones I enjoy
      most are the ones where people EXPLORE various methods of
      boatbuilding. I enjoy building all epoxy boats. I enjoy building
      boats using glue and nails. I enjoy making both hard and simple
      boats. I sometimes use cheap plywood that "experts" tell me won't
      work. I've used species of lumber that would make an "expert" faint
      and swoon. I've used epoxy at times. I've used polyester at times. At
      times I haven't used either. I've used glue that has not
      been "approved" by the experts. And in the end my boats have
      floated, and they have stood the test of time. I'm no expert by any
      means. I take pleasure in finding "other ways" of building boats.
      Explore and grow. I was poor years ago and if it wasn't for the cheap
      carpenters glue, really cheap plywood, garage sale paint and an old
      can of nails from my buddies shop(borrowed tools also) my first six
      hour canoe would never have been born. This was before anyone in my
      town had a computer and none of us new about marine epoxy. I've seen
      boats sealed with just about everything. Tar, caulk, shoe polish and
      oil paint. My first time on a boatbuilding forum was a shock! If I
      had not already built five or six cheap boats for myself and helped
      others who wanted one I would have been scared off. Build with care.
      Build with love. Build with what you can find in your area. One must
      never let cost keep one or one's family from participating in life.
      If you can afford the best, by cracky, have at it! But for those who
      cannot, let us encourage them to start and explore the wonderful
      thing that is boatbuilding. Make it a family affair. Bond with you
      kids. Life is just to short.... Wheres my saw??......... Dusty Mick

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, dave seeton <daveseeton@...> wrote

      > Well said.
      > Dave
      > David <d.cassidy@...> wrote: Have
      John and Jim been blocked/banned from this group; one for starting
      the instant Boats yahoo group, and the other for supporting the
      idea? This is what they are claiming. Is it true?
      > Would a moderator please confirm/deny/clarify this?
      > I am amused and dismayed that this new group has caused such a
      string of posts and the possible banning of two members. Is this THAT
      important? Even if you disagree with starting another group about a
      sub-species of Bolger boats, SO WHAT? Don't join the new group.
      > Do you have that much free time in your life to get worked up over
      a yahoo group?
      > This group CAN be intimidating to someone just trying to learn
      about and put together a little instant boat. There is always someone
      in this group ready to pounce on a new comer because they are not
      doing it the way that person would.
      > There is a group of folks here who cannot help themselves and
      will always chime in with their opinion that unless you use the
      highest priced, professional-grade products, you might as well not do
      it at all. From marine ply to expensive, two part paints, there are
      several -- well -- boatbuilding snobs on this board. That's fine --
      they're entitled to their opinions like everyone else (and they
      probably make beautiful boats)-- but they simply can't control
      themselves when a first-time builder comes on here and timidly says
      they can't afford $75 for a sheet of plywood and is it OK if they buy
      the $12 sheet of luan to build their Elegant Punt, or will their boat
      rot out from under them if they paint it with exterior latex.
      > Thank goodness, there are many other people here -- some of them
      producing pro-quality boats using the finest materials -- who are
      willing to help these new comers without trying to put them through
      some kind of "test" to see if they are "worthy" of building a Surf.
      > I think it's great that there is now a yahoo group where these
      people can now go and get the help and encouragement they are looking
      for to do something they've probably dreamed about for years --
      actually build a real boat -- without being told all of the reasons
      why they CAN'T do it.
      > Dynamite Payson's attitude is build it with what you can get
      and what you can afford, but BUILD IT! Having a boat that falls apart
      in 10 years because you used luan instead of okume is better than not
      having a boat for those 10 years. That is an attitude that many here
      don't subscribe to, and they simply can't stop themselves from
      polluting newcomers with their elitist building attitudes.
      > What is shameful is that many times, newbies don't get that help
      and encouragement right here -- or when they do get it, it is mingled
      with an equal amount of criticism or advice designed to stop them
      from building that boat.
      > If this post gets me banned, then I guess I'm not "good enough" to
      belong here, too.
      > David C
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    • Patrick Crockett
      I sort of hate the idea -- I enjoy seeing stuff about Micros and Tortoises, but I m not likely to join fifteen groups to cover all types of Bolger boats.
      Message 39 of 39 , Aug 11, 2007
        I sort of hate the idea -- I enjoy seeing stuff about Micros and
        Tortoises, but I'm not likely to join fifteen groups to cover all types
        of Bolger boats. Meanwhile, I suspect there may be others like me who
        will still post about instant boats here, so anyone wanting to find
        archives about Windsprints would have to look at both groups.


        nels wrote:
        > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Jim Kessler" <jkess777@...> wrote:
        >> All,
        >> The group is for Instantboats only. I hardly see how that splinters
        >> or divides. It also links to Dynamite's website and messageboard.
        >> I've spoken him personally about this.
        >> There will also be new dory plans available.
        >> Jim
        > I think it is a great idea and will support it.
        > Some of us have even tossed around the idea of forming a Micro group.
        > The nice thing it would do is keep all the building information and
        > photos in one area. Now it is scattered all over the place and a heck
        > of a job trying to find anything.
        > Nels
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