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Re: Folding Schooner for cruising

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  • Nels
    ... Mr. Bolger had an article in WB not too long ago about the LIGHT SCHOONER I believe it was. (Mentioned Mr. Kolb s cat headed version?) He also mentioned
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 12, 2007
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "lordborrolan" <lordborrolan@...> wrote:
      > Hi guy's, I'm after your thoughts on using the Folding Schooner as a
      > cruising boat, (fitted with raised fore and aft decking, and wide side
      > decks), with a centre cockpit. Sleeping space would be below deck,
      > (nice and dry ), and a dagger board along the lines of the single
      > handed schooner's ballasted one, just off centre amidships. The bottom
      > would be doubled ply, along with the planking that Mr. Bolger
      > suggested, to stiffen the floor, for beaching.
      > I know it's a fast, able, craft, a bit like a nautical race horse, and
      > wasn't really designed for cruising, but wouldn't it mean cruising
      > further, faster, for 4 people, in style.

      Mr. Bolger had an article in WB not too long ago about the LIGHT
      SCHOONER I believe it was. (Mentioned Mr. Kolb's cat headed version?)

      He also mentioned they would probably "Birdwatcherize" it, if they did
      another upgrade. So that got me to fantacizing along the same lines as
      you regarding a cruising version of the FOLDING SCHOONER.

      Of course if you raise the decks to BIRDWATCHER height then it would
      no longer fold, but would have to be transported in two trips. But I
      was thinking along the lines of two couples going out together, each
      couple towing half. Then they wouild be able to camp cruise together
      and each have their own "cabin". The gals could lounge forward and
      work on their tans and the guys aft, drinking beer and fishing - or
      vice versa.

      Another option would be if you take a couple kids or grandkids. Or you
      would have separate bedrooms if things got frustrating at some point,
      when cruising just the two of you;-)

      I wonder if the LS sailplan would be enough to drive a FS modified
      with a BW raised deck? I think it would still be quite lively from
      what you hear about BW performance.

      Also you would not need a lot of ballast if you had a heavy bottom.(On
      the boat!)

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