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Dory's and glued ply craft to attend Small Reach Regatta!

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  • danoyes1
    Hi all looks like an exciting year for the W.B. and TSCA sponsored Small Reach Regatta. by my count 6 dorys are signed up to sail in the three day event to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2007
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      Hi all
      looks like an exciting year for the W.B. and TSCA sponsored Small
      Reach Regatta. by my count 6 dorys are signed up to sail in the
      three day event to be held at the Wooden Boat campus in Brooklin
      Maine. It should be interesting to see how the dory designs perform
      in company with some of the plywood v bottom double enders. I hope
      to attend sailing aboard #28 18' sailing dory Peggy Bliss, see "18'
      sailing dory, Ipswich Bay" in photos section for Peggy Bliss photos.

      below is a list of boats attending from the W.B. website

      "A final fleet list follows, with boat, type, skipper, and hometown:

      1 COQUINA, 16'8" Herreshoff cat-ketch, Maynard Bray, Brooklin, ME
      2 FAR & AWAY, 18' Nomans Land boat, Tom Jackson, Brooklin, ME
      3 FRISKY LADY, 15'6" gaff sloop, Mike Duncan, Annandale, VA
      4 RUFF (or Pagan), 18' Oslojollen (19' Oselver faering), Bruce
      Elfstrom, East Haddam, CT
      5 ISLAND LADY, 20' canoe yawl, David Wyman, Castine, ME
      6 Swampscot dory, 20', Allen Head, Concord, NH
      7 SARA, 19'2" Oughtred Ness yawl, Jay Eberly, Round Hill, VA
      8 Oughtred Caledonia yawl, Geoff Kerr, Westford, VT
      9 HOPEFUL OUTLOOK, 19'7" Banks dory, Sam Manning, Camden, ME
      10 RAN TAN, 17'6" Harrier, Clinton Chase, Cushing, ME
      11 LITEN KULING, 19'6" Afjords faering, skipper TBA (via Ben Fuller,
      Cushing, ME)
      12 PUCK, 19'6" lapstrake pulling boat, Bob Yorke, Scituate, MA
      13 OCARINA, 18' Shearwater, John Silverio, Lincolnville, ME
      14 Swampscot Dory, 17', Willits Ansel, Georgetown, ME
      15 CLC Skerry, 15', Bill Corbett, Castine, ME
      16 EMERSON ALBURY, 16'6" Bahama dinghy, Wade Smith, North Franklin,
      17 MY FAER LADY, 15' Oughtred faering, Steven Bauer, Portland, ME
      18 SCOUT, 21' Sea Pearl (Herreshoff Carpenter), Philip Bacon,
      Hamden, CT
      19 DELIGHT, 19'6" Oughtred Caledonia yawl, John Shinaberger,
      Bradford, PA
      20 SALLY LEE, 15' CLC Skerry, Christopher Drouin, Auburn, NH
      21 HERON, 19'6" Oughtred Caledonia yawl, Bill Boyd, Topsham, ME
      22 Kingston lobsterboat, 18'6", David McCulloch, Old Lyme, CT
      23 Swampscot Dory, 16', David Porter, Brooklin, ME
      24 JOSEF W., 15' Delaware ducker, Ben Fuller, Cushing, ME
      25 ROSIE B, Penobscot 17, 17' lug ketch, David Gilroy, East Granby,
      26 WBRF, 18'6" Dixie Belle (Culler), Michael Spencer, info to follow
      27 SELKIE, 19'6" Caledonia yawl, Joel Page, Jeffersonville, VT
      28 PEGGY BLISS, Sailing dory, William Richards, Georgetown, MA
      29 BLUE MIST, 15'10" Wayfarer dinghy, Richard Harrington, Euclid, OH
      30 Atlantic 17 pulling boat, Steve Woll, Pembroke, MA
      31 Skerriskiff 17 (Oughtred), Bob Wolfertz, Rosemont, NJ
      32 Moosabec Reach Boat, 14'3", Rick Hayden, Rockport, ME
      33 WIZARD, Herreshoff Coquina, Vagn Worm, Brooklin, ME
      34 DORIAN GRAY, 16' Hammond Dory, Eric Slosser, Needham, MA
      35 Penobscot 17, Tom Williamson, VT, info to follow
      36 Kingston Lobster boat, John & Cathrine Princell, Brooklin, ME
      37 South Jersey Beach skiff, 15'8", Steve Dwyer, Merrimac, MA
      38 Wayfarer dinghy, Tom Erickson, Gardner, MA
      39 Drascome Scaffie, 15', Thomas Hepp, Liberty, ME
      40 SEA BISCUIT, 18' Swampscot Dory, Jay Irwin, Baltimore, MD

      Full information about the Small Reach Regatta, August 23-26 at
      WoodenBoat's campus in Brooklin, Maine, has been posted on the web
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