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Re: June Bug squared?

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  • adventures_in_astrophotography
    Hi Matthew, ... trimaran ... went to ... several ... like ... beach ... had ... Mouser, ... tackle ... Sounds like he didn t reject the idea, which lends some
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 27, 2007
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      Hi Matthew,
      > Believe it or not, I had actually commission PB&F to design a
      > modification to Zephyr for me back in 2001 when my family and I
      went to
      > the Dominican Republic. But he wasn't able to get to it after
      > months, and once in the DR I learned that Santo Domingo is more
      > Bronx-by-the-sea and not really conducive to boating. No nearby
      > access, no marinas, no ramps for an hour's driver or more. So I
      > him send me a few stock plans for the money--Storm Petrel and
      > if I remember correctly. I wish I had the workshop and time to
      > a real catboat like Mouser.

      Sounds like he didn't reject the idea, which lends some weight to
      the concept. I think two Michalak Piragua 18s would make great amas
      for a Zephyr trimaran. You certainly couldn't get much simpler on
      the construction. Would this be a Trizephyragua? Hopefully not a
      Monstrositus Catastrophus.

      I know all about PB&F not being able to get to their commissions -
      six years and counting on our Auriga.

      Jon Kolb
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