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******* MIDWEST MESSABOUT 2007 ***

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  • vexatious2001
    The 2007 Midwest Messabout will be held on June 8, 9, & 10 2007 @ Gun Creek Campground @ Rend Lake in South-central Illinois, USA. This is, like, the 17th or
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2007
      The 2007 Midwest Messabout will be held on June 8, 9, &
      10 2007 @ Gun Creek Campground @ Rend Lake in South-central
      Illinois, USA.

      This is, like, the 17th or 18th year for this messabout

      We have been reserving campspots #55 and #56 as "ground zero"
      for the event and also #48, which is a fairly-decent water-front spot
      over on the next leg. Other messabouters have already
      been reserving additional camp spots in the vicinity of those
      spots. If you can not secure a waterfront camp spot, you are
      welcome to leave your boat in the water beached at one of
      these waterfront spots. Jim M is starting to recommend making
      advance reservations for campspots although I think you can usually
      get something at the last minute if you don't mind being a
      short walk from the water.

      Those who have reserved spots and who wish to share the
      space and cost with another may post same here

      Conversly, those who are looking to share a spot may
      also post your request on this board.

      Maps of the campground and reservation info @


      Looks like campspot fees are $14.00/ night this year, which
      includes the use of a very nice concrete launch ramp in a
      sheltered cove. If you want to leave your vehicle @ the
      ramp and not get a camp spot, the ramp fee was $3.00/ day
      last year; don't know if it has increased.

      For those that don't wish to camp, the closest accomodations
      (approx. 1/2 mile away) are

      There are also a few motels along the highway, both to the
      North and to the South, but they may be 8 or 10 miles from
      the messabout.

      As usual, there will be a "group-effort" Saturday evening
      meal. We will all vote on what we want for dinner (hamburgers
      and hot dogs) and a couple of us will run into town for
      supplies. You may contribute food or cash if you wish but
      there is no requirement to nor will anyone keep track of
      who contributes what. This plan always works well as one
      can never know in advance how many will attend the messabout,
      much less how many wish to eat my cooking (VOLUNTEER COOKS

      Usually at least a few of us run-over to a local greasy spoon
      for breakfast on Sat. & Sunday mornings. You are on your own
      for the rest of the meals. With a hot meal on Sat. night, and
      hot breakfasts in the mornings, I usually pack "cold" meals
      to fill in the gaps with a minimum of cooking and mess.

      I don't know for sure when Jim Michalak will be arriving, but
      it will probably be Sometime Friday.

      I will be arriving Friday, late morning, and will head for
      home late Sunday morning. Usually a fair number of people
      will show-up during the afternoon on Friday, and most
      everyone is gone by noon Sunday, leaving Saturday as
      the "Big Day." I will be bringing my self-designed
      kayak (assuming I can get it painted, which is all it
      lacks). Might bring an old outboard-powered boat as

      Although it can never be guaranteed what boats or how many
      boats will show up, this messabout is usually a good
      place to see a bunch of home-made boats at one time.

      All are welcome; home-made boat, factory-made boat, or
      no boat.

      Any questions, you can drop me an e-mail:


      or you can e-mail Jim Michalak (his e-mail address
      is on his website)

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