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  • graeme19121984
    Nels, ... Quite possibly - they were still going strong in the 80 s, weren t they? ... The AS-19 design would be late 80 s, I think, and PB&F were very pleased
    Message 1 of 21 , Apr 15, 2007
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      > I wonder if it may have been a design presented to Edey and Duff at
      > some point?

      Quite possibly - they were still going strong in the 80's, weren't they?

      > Bolger got away from the BW type leeboards as they created adverse
      > amounts of lee helm when sailing in shallow water. Or am I mistaken?
      > I think he designed a small bow centerboard as an option in the E&D
      > leeboarders to alleviate that.

      The AS-19 design would be late 80's, I think, and PB&F were very
      pleased with her reported handling. Leeboards, rope retained and paired
      at that, are a bit more hassel to handle than a centre board, and I
      think this may be the reason mainly for them not being on bigger
      designs, say, from Jesse Cooper to AS-29, and so on.

      Whalewatcher had them, though to stay clear under the windows they had
      to be long and narrow to be effective. This meant they had to raised a
      bit in shallow water, and that caused lee helm that a shallow bow
      daggerboard might fix.

      Dovkie's single long leeboard effect on performance was similar, and
      PCB wondered that for production boats paired shorter leeboards might
      be better.

      Much broader leeboards can be shorter and so can mostly stay down where
      they should be. They don't look as nice, especially when raised, IMHO.
      How were things solved for JS?

      Hopefully someone can look-up the Bolger MAIB Dido article and tell us
      more about her story.

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