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Re: General Questions re: Bolger's "Surf"

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  • Tom
    check out the trailers at harbor freight Tom C ... Marine. ... looking ... to ... the ... with ... southern ... It ... existing ... boat. ... not ... (it s ...
    Message 1 of 36 , Apr 3, 2007
      check out the trailers at harbor freight

      Tom C
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "marylandbeukers"
      <marylandbeukers@...> wrote:
      > Thanks, Patrick.
      > I'm interested in your comment about the trailer kit at West
      > Are you speaking about a kit to assemble a trailer, or a trailer
      > accessories kit (brake lights, wires, hitch, etc.)? I tried
      > on West Marine's website and the only trailer they had was a pre-
      > assembled one for $630 - and that was only able to pull a boat up
      > 12 feet. I'd like to keep any purchase cost for a trailer about
      > same for building the boat ($200 +/-....am I in "Fantasy World"
      > this cost?)
      > Your email below, combined with the others posted under
      > the "Cartopping it" subject line, have convinved me to invest in a
      > trailer - if I can afford it. About a year ago, I had the
      > opportunity to take possession of a used Siren 17. It was in very
      > good condition, except that the axle of the trailer it sat on was
      > broken. The boat was in the guy's backyard way out on the
      > peninsula tip of Maryland where there isn't much infrastructure.
      > became such a hassle to organize an effort to either fix the
      > trailer or get a new one that I eventually had to pass on the
      > Not to mention getting a hitch put on the Passat (something it's
      > designed for), getting a Maryland state license for the trailer
      > required in Maryland) and then learning how to drive & park a
      > trailer. It really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I eventually
      > decided to build my own boat and car-top it. But I now realize
      > desire is in conflict with the my other desire to have a boat that
      > can hold a family of four.
      > What are your (and anyone else's) thoughts on the idea of building
      > own trailer out of thick lumber? I did see that West Marine sells
      > everything else a trailer needs except the frame. And as I'm
      > wood to build the boat, I figure I can also get some lumber for a
      > trailer? Am I still in Fantasy World?
      > Thanks again!
      > FB
      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Crockett <pcrockett@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I car-topped my Windsprint for a year before I invested in a
      > trailer. It
      > > was hard -- no way I could do it now, 10 years later (without
      > serious
      > > back pain the next few days). Also, we sold th Bonneville
      > wagon
      > > -- it would be a trick to fit it on top of a smaller car. The
      > from
      > > passing trucks on th highway would probably sail you right off
      > road.
      > > On the other hand, with a trailer it is quite light -- I had no
      > concerns
      > > pulling it behind my Mazda Protege. You can buy a trailer kit
      > West
      > > Marine -- adds a few hundred dollars to the total cost of the
      > >
      > > Patrick
      > >
      > > marylandbeukers wrote:
      > > > Good information to know - especially about the possible
      > > > quarters. Thank you very much. (Also, my wife just told me
      > our
      > > > oldest now weighs 60 lbs.!)
      > > >
      > > > Can you tell me how much the Windsprint weighs? The 150 lbs.
      > your
      > > > Surf is about the max I wanted to go, and I'm assuming the
      > Windsprint
      > > > weighs even more. (150 lbs may not seem like much, but I'm
      > to
      > > > picture my wife and I up-ending and lifting a 150 lb, 16' boat
      > onto
      > > > the top of our car - and the picture isn't pretty.) I also
      > to
      > > > make sure I can find a 4'6"+ roof rack that can fit my VW
      > > > wagon.
      > > >
      > > > Let me ask one other advice question: If the windsprint won't
      > work
      > > > for me, is it possible to add a removable outrigger rig to the
      > Surf?
      > > > My thinking is that this will help with stability and -
      possibly -
      > > > allow me to reduce the size of the flotation compartments
      > will
      > > > allow for more "people" room in the boat.
      > > >
      > > > Any thoughts?
      > >
    • Kristine Bennett
      The one thing that has only been touched on here. With a small bore motor they don t like to be lugged at all. They make their power at high RPM. So to keep
      Message 36 of 36 , Apr 4, 2007
        The one thing that has only been touched on here. With
        a small bore motor they don't like to be lugged at
        all. They make their power at high RPM. So to keep
        them from over heating, keep them spun up so they can
        make the power needed. In short down shift as soon as
        the RPMs start to fall off on the hills.

        I have towed with a 64 VW Baja Bug and 74 VW Bus and
        they did the job asked of them. My 79 Toyota 4x4 does
        all I ask of it and then some and it's a 2.3L motor.

        You also have to learn to plan well ahead of yourself
        all the time you are moving. Enjoy the time you have
        when you can.

        Blessings Krissie

        --- timbo@... wrote:

        > I certainly wouldn't portray my old Geo as the
        > ultimate towing machine.
        > And I purposefully purchased my powerboat because it
        > is exactly the right
        > size to hold my kids and still be reasonably towed
        > with my car.
        > Certainly the larger the vehicle, the less it is
        > affected by the weight of
        > the trailer.
        > What I hoped to accomplish was to provide an example
        > of what is doable,
        > not what is optimal. The original poster is
        > wondering if he can budget
        > for a $250 trailer, and I'm guessing he can't
        > entertain purchasing a
        > different vehicle just to tow his boat for 10
        > weekends in the summer. Is
        > his Passat capable of safely and occasionally towing
        > and launching any
        > unballasted sailboat under 20 feet without
        > destroying his drivetrain?
        > Almost certainly.
        > You are right, hills exacerbate the wear and tear
        > that towing puts on a
        > car, and I've certainly got no plans to pull my
        > powerboat through the
        > Rockies, but I'd be confident pulling it a couple
        > hundred miles on a
        > weekend excursion.
        > Sometimes it seems that this whole "trailering"
        > thing gets portrayed as
        > some big scary deal, and it doesn't need to be.
        > Tim

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