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Re: Shoal Draft Towboat

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  • donschultz8275
    ... available... ... I had a brief exchange w Gregg Carlson re Alligator. He said the Biloxi Lugger part is the superstructure, especially the hard roof
    Message 1 of 16 , Feb 12, 2007
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce C. Dillahunty" <bdillahu@...>
      > The River Belle
      > http://www.boat-links.com/Atkinco/Cruisers/RiverBelle.html
      > Seems similar in hull form, and especially similar to Greg Carlson's
      > Alligator (mentioned earlier) which I really wish had plans
      > Anybody know of Biloxi Lugger type plans available?
      > Bruce

      I had a brief exchange w' Gregg Carlson re Alligator. He said
      the "Biloxi Lugger" part is the superstructure, especially the hard
      roof which shades the cabin from direct sun. Adding such a hard top
      to a Bolger Retriever could make it a "Biloxi Lugger" style cruiser.
      I'll stick by my characterization of the hull of Alligator as a
      Seabright Skiff with an Atkin's tunnel stern. As suggested before,
      Atkin's River Belle seems to be the longest design offered in the
      family of Atkin tunnel sterns currently offered, though there are
      references to at least a 45' in one of the essays on the Atkin's
      website. I suggest writing the Atkin's people and see if they can
      offer a larger design.

      The S.A. variation of a tunnel stern looks like it is simpler to
      build, except the twin screw part adds much cost and complexity for a
      recreational boat.

      Don Schultz
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