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Re: [bolger] Ilex or is it Mikkim?

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  • Hugo Tyson
    Yes Mikkim is design # 376, I ve just checked. I m sure it is in 30 Odd Boats, but I haven t got the book with me as its my father s book but I do have a
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2007
      Yes "Mikkim" is design # 376, I've just checked. I'm sure it is in 30 Odd Boats, but I haven't got the book with me as its my father's book but I do have a scan of "Mikkim" on my computer

      Bruce Hallman <bruce@...> wrote: Ilex is from Small Boat Journal Vol. 4, circa 1980. It is Bolger
      design #376. I built the freeship model from the scale drawing in the
      magazine, and scaling up 'freehand' from a magazine introduces error,
      and the correct width is 7'10" like you say. I am not recalling
      Mikkim from 30 Odd Boats, but it sounds the same design #376.

      Here is a 'fixed' 7'-10" wide design 376


      On 1/30/07, Hugo Tyson <hhetyson@...> wrote:
      > Bruce, is "Ilex" the same design as "Mikkim"

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