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Re: [bolger] Re: Lapstrake, Single Handed Schooner

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  • Clyde Wisner
    What is WDJ ?, Clyde ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 38 , Jan 5, 2007
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      What is "WDJ"?, Clyde

      Christopher Wetherill wrote:

      > I have been pondering the subject of daggerboards, centerboards,
      > sleeping space, and kickback rudders. Suddenly it occurred to me. When
      > one makes these mods to a SHS, one winds up with a WDJ. That's what I
      > want to build someday anyway. I think I will start small however, maybe
      > a windsprint with a deck. A centerboard would be nice too... [This is a
      > do loop for any old FORTRAN programmers out there].
      > V/R
      > Chris
      > Bob Chamberland wrote:
      > > Concerning the discussion of daggerboards, I've had boats with
      > > daggerboards and I've had boats with centerboards and fixed keels. My
      > > preference would be to avoid a daggerboard at almost any cost.
      > > Especially in shoaling waters daggarboards are a pain in the neck.
      > > They either catch or if you lift them you have the daggerboard
      > > conflicting with the boom. They still require a box which was the bane
      > > of the centerboard. The so called simplicity is just not worth it.
      > > With epoxy and glass construction it is possible to develop a
      > > centerboard box that will not leak at the pivot. (see Bobcat).
      > > Daggerboards are an accident waiting to happen. Of course, off shore
      > > it doesn't matter since the board would always be down.
      > >
      > > Bob Chamberland
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    • Harry James
      Sue are you still out there? I was going through back emails and came across this one , part of a conversation that Bruce started with as lapstrake version of
      Message 38 of 38 , Aug 5 10:05 PM
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        Sue are you still out there?

        I was going through back emails and came across this one , part of a conversation that Bruce started with as lapstrake version of the single handed schooner. I had blown right by the Watertribe part.

        So how serious a contender could a Singlehanded Schooner be? You could sleep one crew at a time, you could row effectively. You could hang serious amounts of sail out off the wind in light airs. The one shortcoming would be going to windward in light going, might be able to compensate with rowing. You could maybe lighten up the scantlings with the lapstrake construction.

        There are vets of the Florida Everglades challenge on the list,maybe they could comment.

        Could you rig a seat in the back and row? 
        You can, and that's job #1 on my list for spring commissioning in a
        couple of months.  I'm hoping to enter her in the Watertribe one of
        these years.  There's just enough room to set up a sliding rowing
        seat, and you can brace your feet against bulkhead "D".  The one
        problem (other than general heaviness) is that the mainmast and
        mainmast partner prevent you from leaning back enough for good rowing
        form over a long distance -- I plan to use rowing strictly as
        auxiliary propulsion, for getting back in to the mooring area when the
        wind has died completely.
        One of these years, I may try an experiment with a yuloh....
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