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Re: Anemone/Loose Moose

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  • Peter Lenihan
    ... differences between Jean and ... Moose 2 was not ... better idea...For anyone ... flies when you are having ... Hi Bob, Great blog you ve got there! One
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2006
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "loosemoosefilmworks"
      <loosemoosefilmworks@...> wrote:
      > Just had a few requests from folks who wanted to see the
      differences between Jean and
      > Gaby's "Anemone" and our Loose Moose 2... Well for starters Loose
      Moose 2 was not
      > yellow but seriously I posted a few photos so folks could get a
      better idea...For anyone
      > interested check out the blog.
      > Sigh seems like Sheila and I built/ launched LM2 yesterday! Time
      flies when you are having
      > fun!
      > Bob
      > http://boatbits.blogspot.com/

      Hi Bob,

      Great blog you've got there! One difference I noticed between the
      two boats,and this will be interesting once the rigging is all set up
      and sailing trials begin with Anemone,your rudder had an end-plate
      while Anemone does not.This may explain why we experienced lots of
      heavy gurgling turbulant water all around the rudder while pulling
      tight turns in the St.Lawrence Seaway....In my minds eye,I see the
      water flow pinched and increased preasure on the rudder with the end-
      plates thus crisper handling.Not anything like say,a LASER, but just
      a hightened response with smaller input from the tiller.

      Speaking of tillers,how long was the one on your LOOSE MOOSE 2
      and did it provide a comfortable lever arm for the rudder? Jean has
      yet to build the permanent tiller and the temporary one we used in
      the Seaway was about 48 inches long.Being the first time for all who
      were on board, we wondered about the optimum length.

      Thanks for the link to your nice blog!


      Peter Lenihan,who would dearly love to see some sailing shots of
      LOOSE MOOSE 2, if for no other reason then to have something to look
      forward to come the sailing trials of Anemone,from along the shores
      of the mighty St.Lawrence.......
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