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Re: [bolger] Re: Boat Plans,a thank you from the blushing bride......

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  • John and Kathy Trussell
    Sanding is my least favorite part of boatbuilding, but for me it is necessary. I ve found some things that make it a little easier. The object of the exercise
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      Sanding is my least favorite part of boatbuilding, but for me it is necessary. I've found some things that make it a little easier.

      The object of the exercise is to produce a perfectly flat surface by sanding off high spots and filling in low spots with primer/undercoat, paint. You can, eventuslly, lower the high spots with very fine sand paper, but it goes much quicker if you start with coarse paper (60-80 grit) and work your way down to finish with 220 or finer.

      Sandpaper gets dull and gets clogged. Buy it in bulk (sleeves), and change it often. Your friendly auto paint store is a good source.

      Power sanders are a mixed blessing. Circular sanders and belt sanders remove material quickly, but in unskilled hands (like mine), they tend to gouge. Jitterbug sanders work OK, but they make my hands tingle. A random orbital works pretty well.

      A sanding board (a flexible piece of board about 3 feet long with two handles on one side and sandpaper on the other) works well for fairing. Since my hand is not flat, I rely on the rubber sanding blocks, particularly for the last several passes at wet sanding with 110/220 paper.

      None of this takes the ache out of your back, but it does reduce the time spent bending over a boat and sanding it.

      During the Rennaissance, it was believed that only God could achieve perfection and that for mere mortals to pursue perfection was something to be avoided. Artists routinely included some small error in a corner of their paintings to avoid this. I don't deliberately include imperfections, but I generally reach the "that's as good as it is going to get" stage long before I approach perfection!

      John T
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      From: Peter Lenihan
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      Subject: [bolger] Re: Boat Plans,a thank you from the blushing bride......

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Sam Glasscock <glasscocklanding@...>
      my fleet
      > of 80-grit ugly ducks. What has always bothered me is
      > the suspicion that if I had just applied a little bit
      > more care, a hair more effort, I too could have had a
      > finish people would have admired. After reading your
      > finishing schedule, and knowing my untapped reserves
      > of laziness, I know now such a result is beyond me
      > forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Life is
      > good again. Sam

      Dear Sam,

      You have an embarrassement of riches beyond compare easily
      within your reach if only you would tap into those reserves of
      laziness! I know it worked for me once I figured out how to indeed
      tap into my very own rich rolling pasture of unbridled laziness. It
      began for me one silly day while palming a brand new sheet of 80
      grit after just about emptying the beer cooler. Without nary the
      slightest hint of anything untoward, I found myself becoming one
      with the sandpaper and the paper an extension of my feeble psyche.A
      sixth digit,as it were.
      Without thinking too hard,not that I'm ever capable of such,I began
      to notice a certain even texture to the part being sanded followed
      by a sort of absent minded curiosity,that one can sometimes stumble
      into while well pickled, about just how smooth can this paper
      extension of my inner self really make the wood?
      Well,time flying as it always does when too much fun is being had, I
      soon had a few hours under my belt and a truly smooth surface to
      gaze upon. I had stumbled into the zen like state of utter brainless
      activity. Yessirree, just the sort of activity I am most comfortable
      with. And to think of all the time I had fretted over my percieved
      lack of skill to ever get anything right.Ya don't need any special
      self-help books to become a "pro" sander!

      Be that as it may, I remain immensely pleased that I have relieved
      you of your private burden and set you free once again to roam
      happily toward unknown horizons of utter joy and happiness:-
      ).....all I can really say is, no need to thank me,the pleasure was
      all mine :-)


      Peter,just another monkey in that barrel of fun,Lenihan, from along
      the shores of the mighty polluted St.lawrence...........


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    • Peter Lenihan
      ... Hi Bob, Whaddya mean, somewhat soured by age ?! Don t you know we are all like huge premium bottles of wine getting better with age? All we need is for
      Message 41 of 41 , Jul 5, 2006
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        --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "lakepepinmollyblue" <barryhill@...>
        > From a fellow unrepentant,if somewhat soured by age,romantic.
        > Persian rug-makers make an intentional error because "only Allah is
        > perfect".
        > Perhaps more to the point, as I was told one fussy day in the school
        > machine shop, "the Russians say,'Perfection is the enemy of Gudonov".
        > From "gettin' a little green around the edges" Lake Pepin.
        > Bob

        Hi Bob,

        Whaddya mean,"somewhat soured by age"?! Don't you know we are all
        like huge premium bottles of wine getting better with age? All we need
        is for someone to come in to check on us once in a while and to even
        give us a gentle turning and Presto(!) we get better. God knows there
        is enough grief and turmoil in the world thus it suits me to a"T" to
        also be kept in the dark a while also :-)
        Besides that, this boatbuilding hobby is grand medicine for
        nurturing our inner child,who may become starved while we struggle with
        adult life realities.....even our hero Bolger calls our boats big
        toys....I say "Let's play!!"

        As regards this business of perfection being the exclussive domain
        of various deities, I say phoowee! It is all in the eye of the
        beholder....just ask my crewette :-D

        Keep a good thought Bob!


        Peter Lenihan,perfectly happy,with his perfect crewette and enoying
        this imperfect world/life...perfectly! :-D
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