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  • Anthony aka Magsman
    Hi guys,:) I think i ve probably confused the hell out of everyone with the embarrassing post. One minute I m Micro mad, then the next - ??? I think I need
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2006
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      Hi guys,:)

      I think i've probably confused the hell out of everyone with the "embarrassing" post. One minute I'm Micro mad, then the next - ???

      I think I need to add a postscript to the original message, clarifying my position rather. So - Graham, Nels, Peter - don't fuss yourselves trying to make sense of my senseless demands! ;-D

      It might take me a few days - or more - for the reasons you all now appreciate - before I get the post done. Then, I trust you will see where I'm coming from...


      graeme19121984 <graeme19121984@...> wrote:
      Hi Tony,

      I'm sorry to hear of your wife's illness, but heartened to hear your
      attitude and resolve. Good on you both, and all the best.

      You've mentioned some mid-sized boats (I guess) like Birdwatcher,
      and Blackskimmer, both sailboats with outboard auxillary. I take it
      that the dinghy you're building is also probably sail, however I'm
      not sure whether you are set on building a sailboat to accomodate
      your on-water plans for you and Joan. You mention "it would be
      wonderful if J could safely come along with me, on fine days, at
      least", and in a sailboat those days would probably be best, but
      also they would probably be calm and so not the best for cruising
      around under sail. Also, anyone living with a serious physical
      mobility problem might find access and egress for a Birdwatcher type
      problematical. That said, there are some production design and
      competition sailboats for the less able sailor. In Australia
      Sailability (I think that's the organisation's name) run programs
      using various types.

      However, have you considered the advantages of a powerboat for your
      project? On the water I think it would be much easier for you as
      skipper to have a hand for both yourself and Joan, and another hand
      for the boat. I'm not sure of how able Joan is, but if possible she
      may even be able to helm a powerboat and thereby gain more enjoyment
      from the experience. A small outboard and a lot of fuel can be had
      for the cost of a good sailing rig. I'm no expert at all, but I
      think an outboard powerboat (especially some of Mr Bolger's
      minimilist designs) may be a simpler, easier, quicker, and cheaper,
      for equivalent size, build. There are plenty, a Cabin Clam Skiff
      may do, but what about an Idaho #556 - designed around a wheel chair?

      "IDAHO - This boat I refer affectionately as the COMMONSENSE
      CRUISER. She is a 31' X 5' power sharpie, great for cruising rivers,
      large lakes and other inland waterways. She could be quite fast on
      35hp. and will get 10+ knot hull speeds on less than 10 hp. This
      boat was designed around a wheelchair and I look forward to finally
      having a boat I don't have to struggle to use. Guess I am geting
      older" (Bernie K Wolfard, Commonsense Designs 1991 Winter-Spring
      Catalogue, PROTOTYPES page)(There's a scan in Bolger3)

      Bernie broke his back in aero accidents, twice I think, and owned
      the Commonsense Designs business when it was still held in good
      regard by PCB&F (it most definately is not now, so contact PCB&F).

      At any rate, why not drop a line to PCB&F? I'm sure you'd receive a
      considered response. Over the years it seems a lot of specialist
      designs have been commissioned from them by organisations and
      individuals with different needs. Heck, most of PCB's designs are
      possibly unknown, except to PCB&F, and I'm sure they could give you
      the best help in choosing a design. Just state what you would like
      to do in the boat, the kind of intended waters, and your ideas about
      your ability, and capacity for the boatbuilding project. Hope this


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Anthony aka Magsman <magsman999@...>
      >>... Regarding the dinghy I'm building in the interim... Now I've
      >sourced the timber and found a good batch of Far Eastern Meranti
      >marine play, far from the best of materials but better than some,
      >and good enough - I think - for a small boat which will, sadly, not
      >be in the water too much due to domestic constraints :( Nevermind.
      >I'm looking forward to the build with huge enthusiasm - the
      >construction is a major part of the whole thing for me :-D The ply
      >is due to be delivered this coming Wednesday, so, I guess I must
      >regretfully slip into lurking-mode if I'm going to get any building
      >done. I've enjoyed my mega-browse but, boy, have I used some time!
      > http://www.nexusmarine.com/skimmer_construction.html
      > The Black Skimmer is an incredible beast!

      > http://www.proaxis.com/~boblark/bw2_main.htm

      >... Anyway... My wife, Joan, has advanced multiple-sclerosis and
      >I am her sole carer, 24/7 and all that... I'm not seeking sympathy -
      >"life's a beach, get on with it" - but it occured to me that
      >Birdwatcher - seems the sort of platform that might feel secure (on
      >a calm day) to a person who must sit in some comfort. ... Joan
      >would really love Peter's floating pub, but I fear that might be a
      >little beyond my time/cash/etc capabilities at this time...
      >> And my dear Joan, of course, is one reason why time is
      >especially tight for me, and why boat-building dreams (and actions)
      >are so very necessary for my emotional welfare. (Hell, I'm
      >dissolving into a verbal crap-fest! (blush-smiley)
      >... I was more or less resigned towards being alone in any major-
      >build type boat, but it would be wonderful if J could safely come
      >along with me, on fine days, at least...

      > Regards to all,

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