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RE: [bolger] stern-o-rama revisited

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  • Chester Young
    to add to Sam s comments: The Delaware (something I was looking at with great interest prior to obtaining Esther Mae) has slightly deeper draft than a
    Message 1 of 3 , May 25, 2006
      to add to Sam's comments:

      The Delaware (something I was looking at with great interest prior to
      obtaining Esther Mae) has slightly deeper draft than a Tennessee giving the
      interior more head room. Most of the sharpies designed to plane under power
      have kneeling headroom only, keeping draft shallow, design simple and weight
      down. The flat bottom allows for easier planning at lower power with the
      reduced weight, but is sacrificed in on board accommodations by lack of
      headroom to keep the center of gravity reasonable. One of Phil Bolger's
      comments to me was that Esther Mae is built closely to the original design
      and he expressed concern about versions with a lot up top. Then there is
      the efficiency of such hulls at low, non planning speeds, Phil expressed
      great desire to have data regarding performance at non planning speed,
      noting that the economy should exceptional with a four stroke outboard.



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      I'll take a crack at that, Mike. The rockered hull of
      Delaware would drive more easily under very low power,
      and would be more comfortable in a seaway. Topaz
      planes nicely on a 31 foot hull--but her tendency to
      squat would be exaggerated if you scaled her down.
      She is slender already, if you took her down a third
      she would only have 4.5 foot beam; if you shortened
      her without scaling her down she would loose her
      slenderness which contributes to her performance, and
      in any case I doubt she would plane well at 20' or so
      with the canoe stern. Of course, if you shortened
      her, kept the beam the same, and put in a traditional
      broad stern you would have plenty of bearing surface
      to plane well, but you would not have a Topaz--you
      would have something more like a cabin clam skiff.

      --- Mike <mkstocks@...> wrote:

      > Howdy-
      > Let me re-spin my earlier question a bit. Compare
      > Sitka/Topaz vs
      > Delaware. What I am really wondering: what would
      > be a motivation for
      > turning a 24' sailing hull into a motorboat that
      > cannot plane
      > (Delaware) versus scaling the Sitka/Topaz hull to
      > 24'? Both leave
      > little wake at hull speed, but S/T has the advantage
      > of being able to
      > plane.
      > thanks
      > Mike

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