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Re: Design With Plywood - Viewing DFX files

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  • moose2much
    Hello Everybody, I have tried several of the DXF viewers and could not get any to work. They all seemed to be teasers for paid products. The best results I ve
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      Hello Everybody,

      I have tried several of the DXF viewers and could not get any to
      work. They all seemed to be teasers for paid products. The best
      results I've had so far is with OpenOffice Draw available free from
      www.OpenOffice.Org I need to work with it more. Started working with
      Plyboats and then FreeShip.

      Somehow I was able to make Plyboats work in XPpro and print to a
      parallel laser printer. Even have an icon on the desktop that works.

      From and Plyboats Email to Ray Clark:

      I had some problems with the DEMO not accepting mouse and cursor
      movement when I tried to run the program from the XP command promp.
      I extracted the ZIP some other way in XP, maybe using XP's extractor
      and an icon was placed on the desktop and the program now works.
      This may help if someone else has the same problem

      Plyboats running in whatever mysterious way actually takes much
      more time to execute calculations than FreeShip.

      Roger Van Arnam
      Micanopy Beach Florida

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      <jon@...> wrote:
      > Hi Bruce,
      > ...snip...
      > > I also agree that hull.exe is nice. Though, FreeShip
      > > has hull.exe beat ten times over when it comes to modeling and
      > > visualization, key features when prototyping.
      > Several years ago I used Plyboats, but it never ported quite right
      > W2K, and since it has a lot of limitations (only two chines, among
      > others), I gave up on it. I've just downloaded Free!ship and look
      > forward to giving it a try. One question for you, though, is how
      > expanded panel dimensions are output from the program. Do I need
      > some other application that can read .dxf files, or can I just
      > out the panel dimensions from Free!ship? Will it translate
      > locations onto the panels?
      > I was thinking of starting with the offsets for Cartoon 40, scaling
      > the length at 125% per PCB's suggestion, and getting panel shapes
      > dimensions from the application. Think this will work? If it
      > it would allow me to assemble the sides and bulkheads, then use a
      > to hold everything square, rather than making critical measurements
      > on the jig, erecting the bulkheads, then spiling the panel shapes.
      > > I have the personal theory that to get a boat design 'right' you
      > > need to go through many many itierations by trial and error.
      > ...snip...
      > I agree, and think it's true even using the software tools
      > available. Using Plyboats, I made many cardboard models of
      > hull shapes, including a lot of sharpies and box-keel designs. It
      > was always interesting to see just how bad a model could look when
      > the wire-frame in the software looked so good. Slab-side sharpies
      > particular can look fine on the screen, but not so great in "the
      > flesh." Part of the problem was Plyboats' limitation of fixing the
      > lowest point of the sheer at the point of maximum beam.
      > Jon Kolb
      > www.kolbsadventures.com/boatbuilding_index.htm
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