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Re: [bolger] Re: fastbrick outboard

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  • Mike Stockstill
    In my Skimmer, my 8HP Honda pops it up on a plane after a few seconds if only I am aboard. I find that as the number of people increases, we have to do a
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 20 4:14 PM
      In my Skimmer, my 8HP Honda pops it up on a plane after a few seconds
      if only I am aboard. I find that as the number of people increases,
      we have to do a little dance to get it to plane. With two adults and
      two kids for example, we start out centered and the boat gets going
      and once it reaches a steady nose-up, we all move forward until it
      planes. Once it is up we can spread back out again.

      It would be interesting to hear whether or not this works for you if
      you decide to experiment. This same 8HP motor is intended to go to
      my 8' Fastbrick which currently exists only on paper.


      On Apr 18, 2006, at 8:49 AM, adventures_in_astrophotography wrote:

      > Hi Fritz,
      > > I have an older 10 hp Honda on my 10' Fastbrick and haven't been
      > able
      > > to get the boat to plane. Thinking that my old Honda was just
      > tired I
      > > borrowed a friends new 10 hp Honda the resulte were the same. By the
      > > way my friends 10 hp Honda planes his 14' Lund. I have a lower
      > pitch
      > > prop on order, the smallest diameter and pitch available for my
      > > outboard, but it is not much different from the one I have so I
      > am not
      > > expecting much. I even tried putting some hydrofoil wings on the
      > > outboard, no difference. Bolger reccommends 6 to 10 hp for the boat
      > > and was very surprised that the boat didn't plane, he
      > reccommended the
      > > lower pitch prop. I am wondering that the problem might be the
      > > relatively large twin skegs on the bottom, I am going to try fairing
      > > the leading edges of them more than I have, we'll see.
      > This is interesting news. I'm planning to put new Honda 9.9 high-
      > thrust on my 12' version, and expect it to plane as advertised. In
      > fact, Phil faxed a reply to me about this before I started building
      > stating that the longer versions should do "at least as well" as
      > the 8-
      > footer with the same horsepower. Your experience is discouraging, but
      > I should have some real data in a month or two after I finish painting
      > mine and get a trial run completed. Keep us informed on how the skeg
      > modifications go if you decide to try that.
      > Jon Kolb
      > www.kolbsadventures.com/boatbuilding_index.htm
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      Mike Stockstill

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