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Spray equipment for Latex?

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  • glen_gibson@3com.com
    While I m not looking to build a showroom finish Micro, I m also not too interested in one with brush marks or roller stipple on it, either. So I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2000
      While I'm not looking to build a showroom finish Micro, I'm also not too
      interested in one with brush marks or roller stipple on it, either. So I was
      wondering: Does anyone have any suggestions to low cost spray paint systems,
      such as Wagner Power Painters or low cost HVLP systems, either compressor driven
      or turbine driven? I'm planning on using good old exterior latex housepaint on
      my Micro. I can amortize the cost over some other planned home improvement
      projects ;-)



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      found 'em! Thanks, Dave.


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      > Yes,
      > Our times are similar if I take your lack of a table saw into
      > consideration. I have a portable table saw (Delta) that does about
      > 80%
      > of the work. I also figured out that 1 1/2 inch finish nails really
      > speed up the work by holding the framing pieces in place whil the
      > bronze nails are driven from the plywood side. I would say that
      > between these two items, I have saved about 2 hours per frame over
      > your
      > times. Frames C and D are relatively easy and I constructed both in
      > about 3 hours!
      > The transom has slowed me down as it took me a while to find out
      > how the motor clamp was supposed to be installed. Look on the
      > profile
      > plan for the inside framing set up on the transom.
      > David Jost
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