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Re: Birdwatcher keel- Nels

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  • oarmandt
    I think that you will want the bigger board with the solent lug BW. The BW1 board was sized to go with the original leg o mutton of 125 square feet. The
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 23, 2006
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      I think that you will want the bigger board with the solent lug BW.
      The BW1 board was sized to go with the original leg o' mutton of 125
      square feet. The solent lug mainsails for the BW1 alternate rig and
      the BW2 are practically the same, 144 and 142 square feet, suggesting
      the bigger board. Whichever version of the jib that you use does not
      matter for the board decision. It is really best for reaching. When
      reaching, you do not need as much board. There is too much sag in the
      luff to carry even the small one to windward if there is any strength
      to the wind. Just hauling the jib halyard bends the mast noticably.


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      > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "saillips" <saillips@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Nels,
      > > You recently wrote of your choice to build a BW2, which I was very
      > > excited to hear about. You also mentioned, if I read it correctly,
      > > building it with the BW1 off-centerboard and at a later date
      > changing
      > > out to a BW2 trunk and board.
      > Hi David,
      > No, that is not what I meant. I ended up purchasing the smaller
      > sized solent rig sails from another member that were originally the
      > upgrade for BW1. But which I would use for a BW2. In discussions
      > with him it seemed that I could then install a somewhat smaller
      > sized centerboard than required with the larger BW2 sailplan. This
      > is only speculation at this time as I only have BW1 plans.
      > If I did that I would still use the centerboard design for BW2 -
      > just that with the smaller sail area it could use a smaller
      > centerboard I think. But maybe not.
      > I am also considering the idea of sealing up the centerboard case
      > opening altogether and adding chine runners instead, and trying it
      > that way first:-)
      > Thanks for giving me the heads up about installing the insulation
      > before the upper framing. I will follow your advice.
      > I am actually considering convincing my Swedish cousin to build one
      > so I could visit him and sail it over there.
      > I am still working out the details on the Long Micro modifications I
      > am considering. The fellow I bought the BW sails from has sailed on
      > an LM and confirms what a great boat it is and another member likes
      > my ideas for changing it a bit considering a hard dodger addition.
      > Then there arose the discussion convincing me that a Superbrick
      > might be a possibility instead.
      > I have to stop talking to these crazy Bolgermaniacs!
      > Nels
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