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Re: Black Skimmer rig?

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  • Bill_Mercer
    ... Actually the original cartoon had a cat-ketch rig (and a higher bow, with more shear forwards). It was done for Mike O Brien, now of WoodenBoat magazine,
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 27, 2006
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      > > Hi all,
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      > > Anyone know if a Black Skimmer has ever been rigged as a cat-ketch?

      Actually the original cartoon had a cat-ketch rig (and a higher bow,
      with more shear forwards). It was done for Mike O'Brien, now of
      WoodenBoat magazine, back in the '70s. Apparently the keth rig was
      bigger, but Boler felt that the yawl had enough sail area and better
      balance. The first Boat Design Quarterly, still available through
      www.woodenboat.com, has the details.


      > > Curious because it seems this rig is very popular with boats of this
      > > type, such as the Norwalk Island boats, B & B Princess series,
      > Munroe's
      > > famous Egret, etc. Seems with the shorter masts and very little
      > > rigging required it would be easier to trailer, set up, and take
      > down,
      > > though probably not as fast, I guess? Just a thought as I'm
      > > considering this boat as my first full size build.
      > >
      > > Thought and comments appreciated,
      > > Brad
      > >
      > Hi Brad,
      > The best thing to do is send a fax to PCB&F and get their
      > recommendations but I am sure you already know that and are doing some
      > preliminary enquiries.
      > A second source of information is "103 Small Boat Rigs" which gives
      > details on the different rigs. Seems Phil is not a huge fan of the
      > ketch rig, but prefers the schooner, for reasons he discusses. He is
      > not crazy about the mast and associated lines in the middle of the
      > cockpit. The advantage of the yawl is that the mizzen can be off-set
      > and out of the way as well as act as an air rudder. An advantage for
      > the schooner rig is that the mast is further foreward and the
      > mainsail gives more drive than a ketch mizzen would.
      > I expect the option PCB&F prefers is Martha Jane with the wonderful
      > lugsail on a short mast that folds up easily for transport. Nice big
      > open cockpit and a pilothouse option with much more room inside, than
      > Skimmer.
      > Also consider Seabird 86. If you can get by with the 3 ft draft. I
      > love the looks of that boat and there are three choices of rig too!
      > (Four with the junk - not a favorite of PCB either:-)
      > http://ca.geocities.com/nohnpages/original.html
      > I would also love to see a smaller simpler version of Le Cabotin, with
      > the single off-centerboard rather than leeboards.
      > Nels
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