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Re: [bolger] Re: More Lobsterboat Construction Pics/ Floor timbers

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  • Hugo Tyson
    Hi Peter,, sorry about the green monster shade cloth, but the weather has been very windy and wet lately! (It usually is around Christmas/New Year even
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 28, 2005
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      Hi Peter,,

      sorry about the "green monster" shade cloth, but the weather has been very windy and wet lately! (It usually is around Christmas/New Year even though its summer!!?). We'll get round to making the side roll up soon!!!

      Yes, all the floor timbers are laminated hardwood, which is very hard and dense, so she'll certainly be strong!

      As to scrapers, funiture scrapers are good for final finishing, but with epoxy that has fully cured there is a trick to make it easier to remove.

      Get a "heat gun" (oversized hairdryer!!) put it on its lowest setting, play it on the scraper near the blade, wait till the epoxy starts to soften then gently scrape off the excess along the seam, making sure not to overheat the wood too much as you don't want things to start burning!! It seems to work very well and once the epoxy has cooled down its as hard as ever!

      Peter Lenihan <peterlenihan@...> wrote:
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Hugo Tyson <hhetyson@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I've just got back from Port Sorell and have just posted the
      > pictures of our Lobsterboat's construction progress in the Files
      > section of Bolger6 in the Folder: Tyson's "Bunny R" lobsterboat
      > construction Pictures. Newest is titled "Epoxy Cleanup..." dated
      > December 28th.
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger6/files/
      > Hugo Tyson. Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.


      Beautiful detail pictures(as usual!) but that green monster of a
      tarp has to go.....it gives the impression that everything is coated
      with cuprenol(sp)wood preservative :-)
      Are those floors really laminated? Must be strong as hell if
      they are! Beautiful!
      Have you and/or your Dad tried using steel furniture scrapers
      for shaving off the excess epoxy? I have found them to work well and
      to work really really well if I do it before the epoxy has gotten
      too close to a full cure,ie; within a day or two of the application.
      Continued success to your Dad and you(especially if you are the
      lucky devil chosen to scrape off the epoxy runs!).
      Thanks for the fine photos and that green monster..........


      Peter Lenihan,enjoying a forced vacation from the boat since the
      yard is shut down for the holidays........burp........I think I'll
      survive.....hic......at least until the next round......swallow....

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