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Re: [bolger] Bantam displaces Albin 25

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  • chip
    hey John et al: I m sold (almost!). I ve cruised through the foto files and failed to see any clearly labeled Bantam but would love to find some pictures of
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 20, 2005
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      hey John et al:
      I'm sold (almost!).
      I've cruised through the foto files and failed to see any clearly labeled
      "Bantam" but would love to find some pictures of it. I found a couple
      pictures here and there, but nothing real definitive.

      I'm going to take you (John) up on your offer of a boat-visit as soon as I
      can and come take a hard look at the Fort Pierce Bantam, though it's likely
      to be at least after Christmas before I can actually get loose ...
      I have a Tanzer 16 which is great in shallow water but not a cruiser, and a
      23' Venture of Newport (docked in Melbourne Fla) which is a decent little
      cruiser, but ... well ...

      First - Can someone direct me to some fotos of a Bantam in action? I have
      the world's slowest dialup, so I don't do as good a job at finding online
      stuff as I could otherwise.

      Second - I searched through the last year's messages and see quite a few
      posts about the Bantam, but I didn't see much reference to its construction
      other than a mention that it's not the easiest boat to build.
      What are others' experiences with building/sailing this boat?

      If this stuff is readily available on the group somewhere and I just failed
      to find it, please accept my apologies - but please let me know where to
      look or send a link - THANKS!!!
      I'm awfully close to being ready to start on a boat-building project and
      have been reading this group for a few months (along with the messages on a
      couple other groups) and I think the Bantam might be just the ticket. John
      sure made it sound wonderful ...


      chip in central florida (near Lake Wales)

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      > Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 17:11:43 -0000
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      > Subject: Bantam displaces Albin 25
      > Since completing Bantam, now drawn out to 26 feet, my Albin 25 is
      > not needed in these Florida waters in which i cruise. <SNIP> build
      > Bantam, you'll love
      > her, great plans from Bolger and all light work. <SNIP> you want Bantam
      > John
      > Bartlett
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