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Re: [bolger] Re: Early Christmas Present

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  • Bill Turnbull
    True. My U.S. centric view blinds me to those of you in other parts of the world. Shame on me..... I have run the perl script on a portion of the email
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 18, 2005
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      True. My U.S. centric view blinds me to those of you in other parts of
      the world. Shame on me.....

      I have run the perl script on a portion of the email messages. I'll explore
      that more today. I'm just about finished dividing the messages into folders
      by year.

      But, I'm sure that we could work out the cost if need be. As far as
      searching them, there are tools. If you use windows, you can use the windows
      search tool. If you run unix, you can use find and grep. On windows you
      also have:


      I'm sure there are more.

      The files themselves are about 106MB (without html). Here is a sample of
      the first email posted to the group:

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      Gregg, you say on your web page that your schooner "planes", with bursts
      to 10 knots... Isn't this a displacement hull? Or do the lines fall into
      the semi-displacement category?

      BTW, what is the sail area on the thing?


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      On 12/17/05, Stefan Probst <stefan.probst@opticom.v-nam.net> wrote:
      > Well, the globe is large ...
      > How would an average user (i.e. no local mailserver running) search a
      > bunch of local HTML files, each one containing one mail? (Mhonarc's
      > search box relies on a server)
      > I'd prefer raw mail files, broken down by year, zipped. That should
      > make them fairly small. Can you check how large they would be then? I
      > might be able to host them, if there is a need.
      > But then there is still the question of copyrights....
      > Cheers,
      > Stefan
      > PS: Perl is also available for Windows. I think the script would run
      > without problems also on a Windows machine.
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