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Re: Polyester etc

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  • Peter Vanderwaart
    ... recover after ... checking . Is ... My Cynthia J. (see material in Files aka Vault ) was epoxy coated but not sheathed with glass. The results were
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2000
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      > My Micro is going to be a "dry" boat. In that I will launch and
      recover after
      > every sail. The longest my boat will be in water would be a week...
      > The reason why I wanted to sheath in the first place was to stop
      "checking". Is
      > there any need for me to sheath my boat at all?

      My Cynthia J. (see material in 'Files' aka 'Vault') was epoxy coated
      but not sheathed with glass. The results were mixed. The topsides and
      bottom never checked. The grain did raise here and there where the
      epoxy coating was scratched. Mostly, this was where the end grain of
      the topsides planking rubbed against a dock when the boat was begin
      held bow-on.

      However, the deck checked badly. On the other hand, it also checked
      almost immediately, and I am not at all sure that it was a surface
      coating issue. The camber of the cabin top was fairly strong for 3/8"
      ply which stressed the top veneer a lot. In addition, the first week
      or two that the boat was at home, it was covered with a black tarp
      which was not 'tented'. I think the it got pretty hot, and the
      combination of 1) heat, 2) curvature stress, and, possibly, 3) drying
      out caused the damage.

      (How could it dry out if it was epoxy coated? Once one check
      appeared, it could dry out locally enough to help cause the next
      check. Maybe?)

      Another thing that I can say due to experience with my Elegant Punt:
      if you use ordinary fir marine plywood and oil-based marine enamel,
      and leave it out in the weather under a tree for 20 years, it will
      probably check.

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