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Re: [bolger] Polyester vs Epoxy??

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  • gssparhawk
    Most builders will accept the hysteria of the experts and NEVER us poly and ALWAYS use epoxy. However I think there are more considerations to be made. If
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2000
      Most builders will accept the hysteria of the "experts" and NEVER us poly
      and ALWAYS use epoxy. However I think there are more considerations to be
      made. If there is a process to ensure a better bond to wood with poly,
      then, why not. because some of the early hull glassing done with poly was
      not as successful, the boating community has accepted the stronger bonding
      epoxy as the standard bearer. However, many poly jobs are still going strong
      after much abuse. I think that the poor experiences were the result of a
      poor job. Then, there is the reasoning that poly is NOT waterproof. That is
      relatively true so, why not use a barrier paint over it? Dynamite Payson, a
      man of no little experience, uses poly to wrap his hulls. Yes, many of them
      are dry sailed and not subject to the constant pressure of full time
      submersion but he would not be cavalier with his construction when it means
      so much to his reputation and subsequent livelihood. Some people reserve
      epoxy for the gluing only and don't even glass the hull at all. Maybe epoxy
      below the waterline is a safe compromise.

      For my money, If I were to construct a plywood hull on a large hole in the
      water, in which I was to sail the briney deep, I might epoxy -encapsulate
      with fiberglas the hull below the WL and epoxy above. OR I might just use a
      good house paint above. I would rather be on the water at a cost I could
      live with rather than become a curator of a museum piece anyway.
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      > I know there has been a lot of discussion on this subject already..
      > Polyester is just so cheap compared to Epoxy, so I am tempted... One of
      > possible solutions could be the suggestion I received from a company in
      > which is a distributor for GRP materials.. I quote...
      > "G4 Sealer Varnish
      > A moisture curing single part polyurethane varnish. Withstands
      temperatures up
      > to 200c with good chemical resistance. Cures to translucent amber
      > G4 is probably the best primer for ensuring a good bond between Polyester
      > and materials such as metal, wood and concrete. It is recommended by
      > leading manufacturers of Polyester resins for that purpose. On a clean
      > substrate brush on the G4, as soon as it becomes finger-tacky but within 4
      > apply the Polyester resin and Glassfibre laminate."
      > Has anybody out there tried this method?? Just to compare, I calculate
      > sheathing my hull and decks will cost me under $200US in Polyester resin
      > cloth) but Epoxy will cost around $800USW (plus cloth)...
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