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Re: New photos of Miro with Junk rig

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  • Martin Roberts
    Nels, Answers in line. ... The mast in on the centre line just infront of the vent ( I have a window which now only opens a inch but still vents the boat ok.
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 2, 2005
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      Nels, Answers in line.
      > How have you located your mast? ..
      The mast in on the centre line just infront of the vent ( I have a
      window which now only opens a inch but still vents the boat ok. )

      I made a new mast step on the base of the well and a new structure
      to hold the mast. I made it all removeable so if the experiment
      went wrong I could be true to PB's lans.

      > How tall is the mast anyway?

      The mast is 21ft and 2 3/4 inches at the base. It was a second hand
      mast. Ideally I need a thinker one, but beggars....

      > If you were to make a new sail would you make it to the same area
      > shown or have you not tested enough to decide?

      New Sail? I would go with roughly what I have. It is exactly the
      same as the original rig with one reef. That way I was sure I was
      not going to over do the sail area. One thing I would do is make
      the top panels out of thicker cloth and have stronger battens at the
      top so I could take more wind when reefed.

      > I am wondering if the top panel ...
      The design of the sail was very hard to judge. The main criteria I
      was worried about was the sheeting angles. I need not have worried
      I have plenty of room and the sheeting works well. I have noticed
      that the top two panels have lots of twist and no control, so may be
      three panels would have been better. As to a steeper angle. I
      stuck to the book and it seems to work. One thing I would change is
      the battens which are canes and they bend nicely but they do not
      have enough weight to come down on some points of wind and the
      downhauls just bend them and do not work.
      I will try to get some pictures of the mast setup as there is no
      mast at the moment it will show the layout well.
      > It seems really handy to have that amount of reefing capability.

      The reefing has changed my confidence in the boat altogether. I
      live 9 miles from the East Coast of England and I had never been to
      sea as I was too nervous to reef the sprit boom sail as all that
      happened was an under-powered boat and a dangerously low boom. I
      know I could have pushed the boom forward this then gives a very
      uncontrolled sprit which in a chop sways vigourously. So with the
      Junk rig I was able to go to sea last weekend and was confident that
      I could reef and ben in control.
      Downwind I was able to keep ahead of some larger marconi rigged
      boats, upwind was slow on a reach she was a dream. Set the sails
      and relax. She was balanced as much as she had been under the
      original rig, what more could I ask for.
      The next day the chop was up, officially 'moderate' seas and she
      faired very well. The hull stops in the short chop but I was still
      impressed. The sail moved around a lot in the swell, but no damage
      done. Back on the river with a force 4-5 she went great and with
      the tide helping she pointed well and she gave me the best sail I
      have ever had.

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