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Re: [bolger] Re: Paint questions _ more and some bad news

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  • John B. Trussell
    Back in the old days, painting was part of spring fitting out and the best paints lasted a season. Part of the problem was that wood is not a stable base for
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      Back in the old days, painting was part of spring fitting out and the best paints lasted a season. Part of the problem was that wood is not a stable base for paint (constantly expanding and contracting) and part was the fact that paints were not nearly as good then as they are now.

      Current choices for the home builder are latex enamels, oil based enamels (Be they "porch"enamels or just plain enamels), one part yacht enamels, and two part yacht paints (one of which is being marketed as suitable for owner application, though I would have to have a tyvek suit, heavy duty gloves and a forced air mask before I tried it). The fancier paints are more expensive and produce a very high gloss. If that is what you like, go for it. But be aware that high gloss paints show every imperfection in prep work and application. And they are difficult to repair.

      To each his own, but I prefer a little less gloss and a little softer paint. I find the lower gloss finish more suitable to the kind of boats I use and to the way I use them. I find that gloss latex enamel produces a finish which is glossy enough for me.

      The key to a presentable finish, regardless of paint choice, is prep work. The more you fill and sand, the more you see that needs filling and sanding! Buy your sandpaper in quantity and change it often. I find that a random orbital sander is more useful than a jitterbug, and I switch to wet sandpaper and a rubber block for finish coats.

      I apply latex enamel with a 4 inch foam roller. The initial application is a little pebbly, but if you go back over it lightly with a nearly dry roller, the paint will lie down nicely.

      When it comes to finishing spars, I haven't found anything better than varnish and I reccommend the finishing schedule in Rebecca Whitman's excellent book Brightwork. Unfortunately, my Toon 19 has two masts, two booms, a yard, a boomkin, a tiller, and a hiking stick to varnish and the application of 6 to 8 coats is time consuming. It should last a long time and it looks very nice, but it ain't quick or easy!

      John T
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      > The kind of paints you can purchase where you live depends in a
      large part
      > on what air quality regulations in your area exist.

      Excellent points John.Also,I know that Benjamin Moore carries a more
      extensive product line-up in the U.S.A then what they make available
      in Canada....perhaps due to goverme regs of one sort or another :-(
      It would be interesting to hear what some of our"international"
      members choice of products are in their part of the world.


      Peter Lenihan

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