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Re: LFH-Bolger correspondance challenge

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  • Howard Stephenson
    Obviously I have too much time on my hands, Peter: I opened up all the pages in box 2 folder 8 (apart from the ones that wouldn t open for some reason) and saw
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25, 2005
      Obviously I have too much time on my hands, Peter: I opened up all
      the pages in box 2 folder 8 (apart from the ones that wouldn't open
      for some reason) and saw nothing from or about PCB. But, as you say,
      there could have been a passing reference in one of the letters, as
      I certainly didn't read all the text.

      My time wasn't wasted, because I enjoyed reading many of the
      letters. Here is a snippet from one of his ever-polite replies to
      his correspondents: "... I must tell you frankly that some of the
      designs of Fife, Watson and Steers please me ever so much more than
      my own do."

      Perhaps 15 years ago, a letter from the author Roger C. Taylor was
      published in Woodenboat, calling for information about LFH that
      would help him write a biography of the great man. I wrote to say
      that I had noticed he was probably dyslexic (he certainly couldn't
      spell). Taylor wrote a nice reply saying he had already worked this
      out too.

      As far as I know, Taylor's book was never published. There'd be
      enough material for a book or two in the Mystic Seaport collection
      that you've so kindly provided a link to, Peter.


      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "pvanderwaart" <pvanderwaart@y...>
      > One sidelight of a Google search was the discovery of the index of
      > Mystic Seaport collection of LFH letters.
      > There is a listing of the names mentioned in the letters, together
      > with the number of the folder in which the letter is shelved. Four
      > references to Bolger. The challenge is to find them.
      > I found one in box 5, folder 4. It turns out to be letter 35 of 89,
      > and is a letter from PCB to LFH from his time in Spain.
      > http://www.mysticseaport.org/library/Manuscripts/CPageImage.cfm?
      > There are three other references, but keep in mind that any of them
      > might be just the mention of his name in an illegible document.
      > Peter
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