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Re: New WINDERMERE pictures

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  • Peter Lenihan
    ... Hi Don, Wow! It has been a little crazy up here of late and my time at the computer limited and coming only in wee spurts.But,then again,ain t that the
    Message 1 of 8 , May 5, 2005
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "dbaldnz" <oink@w...> wrote:
      > My God Peter, Windermere lives! From those photos of pieces of
      > disembodied ply and mdo, a swan is emerging. I wondered why you have
      > been quiet for months, but now we see. This is one of the epic Bolger
      > Group projects, and long may it continue (but not too long).
      > DonB (who thinks Oink could find a snug winter home in Windermere's
      > saloon)

      Hi Don,

      Wow! It has been a little crazy up here of late and my time at the
      computer limited and coming only in wee spurts.But,then again,ain't
      that the story of life :-)

      Since that round of pictures,generously sent to me by Paul
      McLellan, I have finally finished off the last roll of film and should
      have it back from the developers by Friday...thus more pictures to
      show,even if a bit dated now.

      Not having one of those fancy-dancy numeric cameras does present
      something of a time lag in sequencing and also gives the impression
      that I am working even slower then real life since several weeks may
      pass with only a picture or two to show for it.Imagine filling up a
      roll of 27 exposures at that rate :-) Of course, winter working
      conditions did have its own set of limits in terms of cure times for
      the epoxy and shaping what projects I could practically under-take in
      sub-zero condition.Not all of these projects make for good or
      interesting pictures...unless you're building the same boat under the
      same conditions.

      Fortunately,those arctic days are behind me now and soon over-
      heating will be a concern in the bowshed.Good for epoxy but tough on
      the worker :-)

      Just as a teaser, the master den of inequity..er...stateroom is
      now all roughed in and as of 15:30hrs yesterday, the first and inner
      layer of the roof assembly is on. This coming week should see the
      perimeter framing stock and insulation of the roof completed followed
      shortly thereafter with another layer of ply and glass to finish the
      roof....one big ply/foam/ply sandwich.

      After years of lurching around inside my boats like a drunken
      primate,knees all bent an' knuckles draggin' all o'er the place, it is
      a most up-lifting spinal relief to actually stroll,yes,I said stroll,
      the entire length of the cabin without even having to "duck me
      noggin'" as I pass from one chamber to the next. Equally relieving is
      to discover that,despite fears of sensing the sky falling(or living in
      a cave) once the roof would be in place, I am tickled all to bits to
      report that no such sensation was experienced and the interior remains
      remarkably roomy even without the window cut-outs yet made!

      I think OINK would look grand on his own and it would be much better
      for WINDERMERE to find winter quarters right up snug to where OINK
      calls home instead of this sometimes beastly inhumane enviromemnt
      called Canada,which is where home really is for moi.

      All the best and sit tight for more photos soon..like this weekend :-)


      Peter"le lente" Lenihan, troweling away through a mess of postings
      playing catch-up,from along the shores of the St.Lawrence...........
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