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Re: [bolger] Bolger/Payson Skimmer

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  • Hugo Tyson
    Skimmer is cool, a fun and cheap,fast boat that just about everyone could smile at,...but I m sorry that 55 sharpie is just plain ugly-to the extreme
    Message 1 of 11 , May 3, 2005
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      "Skimmer" is cool, a fun and cheap,fast boat that just about everyone could smile at,...but I'm sorry that 55' sharpie is just plain ugly-to the extreme almost! What a joke-she can't be considered beautiful, in anyway to look at, really we all know that Bolger loves extremes, this may be a joke of his to design the ugliest boat that for its purpose that is ultimately usable?? ... and beauty is only skin deep anyway? A weird paradox?.... No, she's ( the 55' live-aoard sharpie) VERY BAD TO THE EYE IN 2D, but she probbly would look a bit better in real life, still ugly though!!

      I don't know, but just the fact on the profile, Bolger's sketched in silhouettes of some other of his designs on that block-like hull he realises that this boat is not an eye-pleaser?...... some camoflague is needed!!!!!!??

      Look, seriously its a practical, motive ,live-aboard home, but maybe I don't think you'd tell anyone where you live if you were living in that craft!!!. Take it to some swamp, strike the masts, dazzle-paint it, and hope no one finds you!@!!

      Phil's designed some of the most beautiful boats and also the most ugliest, but they all have their purposes(whether fullfilled or not - it doesn,t matter, some dreams are shattered by reality!!)

      I'm just expressing my opinions, I still think Bolger is the best Small Boat (150' or smaller ) ever, well with 600-700 designs and innovative concepts, he has to be!
      Sincerely, Hugo Tyson, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
      Bruce Hallman <bruce@...> wrote:
      Here is another ugly boat,
      that looks better in three dimensions:

      $100 in New Jersey, a steal.


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    • Peter Lenihan
      ... Looks like it could be anywhere from about two to three feet in some of the holes to some of the peaks. But so what :-) In a small boat of ones own making,
      Message 2 of 11 , May 7, 2005
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        --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Spelling" <richard@r...> wrote:
        > I'm notoriously bad at estimating wave height. Whatcha think, about
        > two feet?
        > http://www.richardspelling.com/temp/P1010013.JPG

        Looks like it could be anywhere from about two to three feet in some
        of the holes to some of the peaks. But so what :-) In a small boat of
        ones own making, this sort of stuff is great for fueling the imaginary
        globe-trotting sailor in most of us.We just have to develope some
        tunnel vision,block out the shoreline,and picture ourselves out in the
        middle of nowhere ticking off the miles to somewhere.Having a nice
        cozy dry cabin filled with food and drink makes the whole scenario all
        the more fun since it also gives us a smug I'm-completely-self-
        feeling inside.
        With the magic of ones own imagination,our "weeks at sea" take a few
        hours and our distant un-inhabited tropical island destination soon
        looms large on our horizon in the form of a marina or boat launch
        ramp.Shifting gears,we enter our marina or launch ramp feeling like
        what we imagine the great ocean adventures must have felt like after a
        rough trans-atlantic or pacific crossing...solo and for the first
        time.Even after the boat is all secured to the quay or trailer,we can
        continue our make-believe scenario by snuggling up inside our warm dry
        cabin,rustling up some warm tasty food,while peering out through rain
        spattled portlights,and thank god we have the wits about us to enjoy
        such games in the first place.
        It sure beats the hell out of even the best day at the office :-)

        Thanks for the neat picture Richard!


        Peter Lenihan,who must have circled the globe several times now and
        discovered dozen tropical islands uniquely inhabited by nubile natives
        hungering for a change and all this without ever leaving the realm of
        the mighty St.Lawrence..........talk about cheap vactions!!!
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