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Re: Lenihan HomeMade Charcoal Cabin Heater

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  • Peter Lenihan
    ... a perfect ... FINALLY! Now the world will know,despite hushed rumours to the contrary,that Le Mouton Noir de Kingston aka Big Bad Bruce Hector is not a
    Message 1 of 55 , Jan 28, 2005
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Nels" <arvent@h...> wrote:
      > >
      > Speaking of booze. The latest issue of "Canoe & Kayak" has a brief
      > article on page 22 extolling the qualities of Maudite as
      a "perfect
      > Paddling Swill." It goes on to say that "one 25-oz bottle is more
      > than enough to alleviate the aches and pains of paddling all day."
      > Tabernac! - not the type of paddling a true Voyageur endures.
      > http://unibroue.com/products/maudite.cfm
      > Cheers, Nels

      FINALLY! Now the world will know,despite hushed rumours to the
      contrary,that Le Mouton Noir de Kingston aka Big Bad Bruce Hector is
      not a truck load short of a load nor was he not kidding around when
      he extolled the benefits various of la Maudite!
      My only reservation about the brief article cited is that they are
      way under-dosed,at only one bottle, for optimium effect.Must be a
      magazine for beginners or"gentleman canoers"....
      The voyageurs of lore were a darned tough lot when one considers
      their relatively recent arrival from the old world,thrust into the
      incredibly vast wilderness of the new world accompanied by "stinking
      savages" to paddle in narrow bark covered boats up and down some
      fast and turbulant rivers while hauling considerable loads of
      stinking beaver belts,bear skins,racoon hides and surviving on God
      knows what kinds of food requiring no refrigeration,tormented by
      herds of black flies,threatened by "unfriendly" native tribes,coping
      with wild variations in weather in the hope of returning back to
      Montreal with a goodly sized haul to pay them a handfull of the coin
      of the realm.The mere pittance paid out,in light of the extreme
      conditions endured, was made more palatable through the comforts
      afforded by the ever growing town of Montreal(ex
      Hochelaga).Unfortunately,one may all too easily imagine too the
      hungry lust these men carried in their hearts while away and how
      they must have just about drained the houses of ill repute upon
      their much heralded return.Thus we are left with a vision,not un-
      like that of sailors from the past,of le lonely lustful voyageur
      squandering his richly earned loot on debaucheries various left only
      with a wicked skull splitting hangover, a somewhat lighter money
      pouch and one of a host of venerial diseases.If he wasn't
      mercifully "taken into the arms of the Lord" after the first year of
      this enterprise,then he became a much hardened individual and
      requiring of strong refreshment to lighten,what surely must have
      been one hell of a damned frightfully hard existance.
      We are a soft and spoiled lot,by comparison, and although those
      times will not return again(thank Christ for tender mericies!) I
      find it most illuminating to park my fat ass along the very banks of
      the St.Lawrence behind the Hudson Bay fur depot that served as both
      point of departure and return for these voyageurs,and to drink manly
      quantities of the "good stuff" to the point where the line between
      today and yesterday vanishes and my vision is sufficiantly blurred(I
      take off my glasses for increased effect) so that it becomes very
      easy to hear the plunge and recover of a dozen paddles heaving their
      canoes toward the landing and to almost make out the makings of some
      long lost song coming in on a muggy freshwater evening

      Darn....no Bolger content....will it be enough to say things are
      progressing handsomely with Windermere despite weather more familiar
      to polar bears and that pictures will be posted once another roll is
      finished in the camera?


      Peter Lenihan, feeling the nervous twitchings of cabin fever but
      resolute in my determination not to let it get the better of me...
      Ha!... from along the frozen shores of the mighty
    • Peter Lenihan
      ... He ain t heavy...he s my brother........thanks for weighing in Dave. If I am the genius then you re surely the technical wizard who will not only improve
      Message 55 of 55 , Feb 3, 2005
        --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "alaskamaz" <mzeiger@h...> wrote:
        >> Howdy!
        > Sorry, Peter, to have turned out to be neither rich nor relative!
        > Yes, Peter Lenihan IS the genius behind what I've been calling the
        > 'Lenihan Heater'. I drew up a lines drawing of a variation of the
        > sketch Peter sent me, and include it with the plans for Trilobyte
        > (hopefully they'll be ready for shipping by 4 Feb... 11 Feb at the
        > latest (www.triloboats.com)).
        > Thanks for letting me weigh in!
        > Dave Zeiger

        He ain't heavy...he's my brother........thanks for weighing in Dave.
        If I am the "genius" then you're surely the technical wizard who
        will not only improve on the design but render drawings worthy of
        being called such.
        Checked out your triloboats site..WOW...you deserve to win the
        competition based on that alone:-)

        Good luck!


        Peter Lenihan,dumb and gettin' dumber as things head toward a nice
        Spring time thaw.............
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