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Re: carbon fibre option for small masts and sprits

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  • Peter Lenihan
    ... Hi Pirate Nels! Well,I should have checked my terrible spelling first,thus rood would have been corrected to read roof :-) I plan on keeping the
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 4, 2005
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Nels" <arvent@h...> wrote:
      > Where are you planning to install the rood? Right next to the
      > captains bed I suppose and alongside the invisible rope chest?

      Hi Pirate Nels!

      Well,I should have checked my terrible spelling first,thus
      rood would have been corrected to read "roof" :-) I plan on keeping
      the invisible rope chest on the bottom of one of the closets in the
      stateroom......that way "they" can be lured into the right setting
      for such antics :-D

      > When I observe Windermer's beautiful bottom with box keel and that
      > absolutely magnifique centerboard I can't help but wonder if it is
      > still not too late to lower that deckhouse height, add a small
      > pilothouse, maybe some extra batteries for ballest, and install
      > beautifully hand-carved eastern spruce masts! Just imagine how
      > glop you will save, let alone the cost of all that interior
      > cabinetry, glitz and glitter, hot tub and expensive motor.
      > All you need is a bucket, a hammock and a big cooler mate! You
      > be out sailing along the shores of the mighty St. Lawrence, in the
      > schooner Windermere by the time most the ice is out. And all you
      > need is the T9.9 Yam and you wouldn't have to stop once you
      > the ocean.
      > Quite this "estuary cruiser" nonsence before it is too late!
      > Best of the Year To Ya!,
      > Nels
      > From along the shores of Moose Jaw Creek, where the temperature
      > risen 10 degrees to a balmy -25.

      You are not the first to suggest lowering the coach roof some,to at
      least get a proper pilot house with a porthole looking aft.However,
      you are the first to publicly call for abandoning the "estuary
      cruiser" mode and to make her into a schooner! Only one other pirate
      of reknown,Bruce Hector,would have been so bold(you're in good
      company there!) :-)
      As much as I would love to accomadate this sort of craziness, I must
      confess that I am rather smitten with Windermere,as is, and even
      more so with the prospect of multiple hijinks,blow high,blow
      low,with genial company.
      The cost,as you so correctly point out,would be reduced
      considerably,but so too would the palacial comforts afforded by
      Windermere. Moreover,it will be precisely these comforts which will
      serve as convincing inducements for prospective crew.T's one thing
      ta get'em on board,laddy,but a whole other animal ta keep them thar:-

      As to the presence of spars; don't forget that there is that
      ingenious anchor davit,up forward,which I have been considering
      getting chromed,thus serving two functions...... then there is the
      roof top mast for flying all sorts of paraphenia including les sous-
      v├ętements,followed by the mighty flag staff aft,most likely out of
      mahogany .Of course,it is hoped that the interior too will see its'
      fair share of "wood",on occassion,in the stateroom,with velvet
      curtains drawn :-)
      But were I to build me some real masts,like for a schooner or other
      lovely vessel,I would get me hands on some Quebec black
      spruce....the next best thing to Sitka Spruce for tightness of its'
      annual rings although a bit heavier then Sitka.Eastern is better
      left to planking,me thinks.
      How I envy you your balmy weather of -25 as I labour away in a
      sweltering -9C. Enjoy it while it lasts for we will soon enough be
      cooking in + 5 weather :-)


      Peter Lenihan,tempted,teased and tortured with all sorts of crazy
      ideas but nevertheless focused on Windermere,from along the frozen
      banks of the St.Lawrence Seaway........
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