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Re: Centennial II (dory looks, BW ancestry, Anhinga)

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  • graeme19121984
    ... a time or two, once ... Thanks for the info, and the time tag. I ll look in the archives and try to follow it up. By the way, the group archives are a rich
    Message 1 of 22 , Dec 13, 2004
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Mark <marka@h...> wrote:
      > There was one #484 built -but not to plan, a boat called Sandy
      >Bottoms. It had an
      > unsanctioned yawl rig and the builder's idea of small step fins
      >amidships projecting from
      > the chine. That it tripped and flooded through the aft compartment
      >may not be surprising.
      > That story and the boat generally were discussed in these messages
      a time or two, once
      > definitely around the end of 2001, and possibly a year or two

      Thanks for the info, and the time tag. I'll look in the archives and
      try to follow it up. By the way, the group archives are a rich
      source of information. I've tried just dipping in at random and
      never have to skim very far before coming on some absorbing thread
      or other. The other week at message 573 I had an introduction to
      Sweet Pea.

      >The original Eeek!
      > plans are in 30-Odd-Boats along with study sheets for the 36'
      >Seagoing Economy Cruiser
      > that started it all. There are finished plans for that.
      > Anhinga may have an advantage over BW in having separate areas for
      >cabin and cockpit. I
      > liked that and thought about cutting a slot through the forward
      >deck. That would work
      > only if it could be closed truly watertight under sail.

      I don't know about the slot. I'm thinking low profile, bouyant,
      water-tight cabin as in the Storm Petrel concept.

      >In a
      >knockdown, Anhinga probably
      > suffers the same, or more probably worse, lack of bouancy aft from
      >surprisingly low
      > working freeboard that the original Martha Jane can be said to

      Would external ballast help?

      > Going offshore,
      > sponsons ought to help. A Navigator cabin may be pushing it.


      >Replace the plywood in the
      > upper sides with lexan to suit.
      > 484 is pretty fine forward already as you mention, though it's
      >more a 5 to1 boat than 6.
      > Heeled over, you're probably right.
      > If wanted, either for the rowing or getting home under power in a
      >chop, the trick is not
      > so much drawing the profile and keel curves identically. Rather
      >it's balancing the
      > buoyancy properly between what gets added and how high to move the
      >upper chine.

      > Isn't #637 the little Pirogue offered up at Cheap Pages?

      Yep. That's the one. 12' Pirogue.

      >Nice of him to send you the sheets.

      Too right, I thought it very nice of him to go to the trouble to
      send the sheets. More or less identical to Cheap Pages. Same honour
      system request to just send him $25 for any built! graeme.

      > Mark
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