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Re: [bolger] Weldwood for Fillets

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  • Russ Ingram
    I m building a concrete canoe (it s just something civil engineers do for fun!) and we re allowed to have up to 25% binding agents other than portland
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 3, 2000
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      I'm building a concrete canoe (it's just something civil engineers do
      for fun!) and we're allowed to have "up to 25% binding agents other
      than portland cement". I was using some Probond polyurethane glue,
      and noticed the instructions say that it cures in the presence of
      moisture, so I thought, "why not?". I mixed 3/4 lb. of cement with
      1/4 lb. of Probond, then added enough water so it was easy to work
      with. That stuff has set up harder than concrete...I'm going to mix
      enough next time to make some cubes so I can bust them in the
      compression machine. I'll let y'all know the results when I get them.

      --- In bolger@egroups.com, Teakdeck@a... wrote:
      > Bolgeratti,
      > As some of you may recall, I am epoxy challenged (terribly allergic
      to the
      > stuff). But I want to try my hand at stitch and glue construction.
      I just
      > read about Jim Michalak using Bondo for filleting with polyester
      resin ( I
      > have read much about what's wrong with polyester, that is not what
      > concerned about) over the fiberglass tape. I thought to myself, why
      > Weldwood (standard instant boat glue) thickened with silica? So,
      why not?
      > Also, any good ideas about pivoting leeboards?
      > Mike Masten
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