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Re: Windemere photos

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  • pvanderwaart
    Thanks for the photo update. It s great to see the progress.
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 1, 2004
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      Thanks for the photo update. It's great to see the progress.
    • Peter Lenihan
      ... .....and so there I was,going about a few simple housekeeping chores,like sweeping up several pounds of dust, in preparation for the arrival of Le Baron de
      Message 2 of 6 , Nov 2, 2004
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        --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hector" <bruce_hector@h...>
        > Peter Lenihan has taken his Windemere 3D in a BIG way. Photos in
        > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger4photos/files/Windemere/

        .....and so there I was,going about a few simple housekeeping
        chores,like sweeping up several pounds of dust, in preparation for
        the arrival of Le Baron de Kingston,aka,le Mouton Noir, Big Bad
        Bruce Hector when out of the symphony of clacking wind driven
        shrouds came the sound of the RUSTCHECK limo cruching boatyard
        Upon entering my bowshed "shop",and exchanging the briefest of
        pleasentries,we immediately got down to the serious business of
        liberating some spirits.That is,what was to be the first of two
        bottles of porto was released from its glass prison and glasses
        filled prior to the outside inspection/tour with Bruce hot on my
        Of course,Bruce feined surprise at the sight of the
        bottle,claiming that he thought I "was only joking" when I e-mailed
        him earlier in the week querying him whether or not he was,per
        chance,allergic to Porto. With a swiftness born of desire and
        practice,Big Bad Bruce was out and back from the Rustcheck Limo with
        a couple of spicy Italian sauges and a chunk of aged cheddar. Like
        we all carry this sort of stuff around in our cars,just in
        case.....ha!....Bruce couldn't hide his early Boyscout training in
        preparedness :-)
        And so,in short order, we were quickly positioned on our
        respective fanny perpendiculars, between the stateroom and salon
        bulkheads,taking mighty swigs of delicious Porto and only making
        passing swipes of the meat and cheese. Bruce entertained with quick
        doodles drawn on bits of MDO(he claims he can draw quicker then he
        can talk!) to illustrate some of his novel design
        ideas/proposals/right-out-of-his-mind-schemes for future vessels.
        This guy is going to be a real threat/hazard on the water if he ever
        comes into a truckload of cash and decides to build :-D
        After going through the various construction features
        incorporated into the Windermere design,and in all likelihood boring
        Bruce to tears,our collective consciousness suffered a jolt when the
        last drop of Porto was poured. I swear it took no more then 5
        seconds worth of heated discussion to decide on venturing out into
        the cold wet wind for a second bottle. With legs of rubber and
        hearts of gold,we descended the ladder from Windermere,boarded the
        Rustcheck Limo and struck out for the liquor commission. Like two
        big kids in a candy store, we lit upon the Porto section like flies
        to shite.....Bruce even spied a 94% proof bottle of paint thinner
        which he thought would make a good gift to take
        home....hmmmmm...gotta wonder about that guy sometimes:-)
        Thus,the two of us found ourselves yet again ensconed within
        the warm wooden confines of Windermere,pouring warm Porto down our
        throats like thirsty cast-aways. Don't recall whether we even
        bothered to nibble at the remaining meat and cheese but do vaguely
        recall giving Bruce a quicky demo of the not-yet-famous hallowing
        method/technique for "perfect" laminated joints.That's right,say
        good bye to glue failure and glue-starved joints forever! I think
        Bruce photographed the entire sequence,especially after I heard him
        remark that he had ONLY 250 shots left in his camera......
        From this point on, my memory cells appear to have pulled up
        their moorings for I can only recall vignettes like deciding to head
        back onto the island of Montreal for supper at some cattle
        farm,taking Bruce on a drive through tour of my place of employement
        (the local asylum) and then experiencing some rather creative
        interpretations of the Quebec highway code as Bruce helmed the
        Rustcheck Limo into the downtown core. It was clear to me that this
        was a man accustomed to handling a pontoon houseboat as he deftly
        heaved us through some rather tight spots all the while considering
        the action of the raindrops on the windshield the way some of us
        study wave patterns.In one final act of courage,Bruce also
        demonstrated for me the superior breaking action of the Limo as I
        counted the little plastic ridges found on the brake light cover of
        the car just in front of us......we came THAT close to highway
        In the end,Bruce was still of sound enough mind to take on the
        great drive home to his royal abode despite his yearnings for some
        peek-a-boo-a-la-francais-chromed-fire-poll diversions. We both
        agreed to save those hijinks for next Spring .......

        So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Hope it was not too
        boring or too far off topic. I'll have to go see what Bruce has
        posted in the photos and perhaps ad some comments.


        Peter,le Mouton Gris,Lenihan, surprised that he survived to tell the
        tale,from along the banks of the wet-n-windy St.Lawrence...........
      • Peter Lenihan
        ... Bolgerados, Had a chance to review the photos so kindly posted by Bruce Hector and thought I might further explain what y all is lookin at :-) Beginning
        Message 3 of 6 , Nov 4, 2004
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          --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Lenihan" <peterlenihan@h...>
          > --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "Bruce Hector" <bruce_hector@h...>
          > wrote:
          > >
          > > Peter Lenihan has taken his Windemere 3D in a BIG way. Photos in
          > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bolger4photos/files/Windemere/

          Had a chance to review the photos so kindly posted by Bruce
          Hector and thought I might further explain what y'all is lookin'
          at :-)
          Beginning with the first photo and working our way down in
          "Windermere aft cabin"...this will eventually become the aft
          stateroom but is presently serving as work-shop since I have chosen
          to work my way aft in outfitting the interior.This saves a few
          hundred steps up and down the sides of the boat by keeping the work
          all inside.Just visible in the lower left hand corner is one of the
          two centerboard box sides upon receiving its finally coat of epoxy
          after the laying on of 2 10oz layers of glass.This will be followed
          by a thorough sanding and 4 coats of high build epoxy barrier
          coat/primer......I love sanding :-)

          "In the bow well"... yours truly illustrating for Bruce how the
          anchor crane is intended to work.Just forward of me is the dry
          fitted breasthook which will serve as the upper berring for the
          crane and just bellow it,the anchor storage well.The bow well is not
          as deep as it appears in the photo as I am standing in the bottom of
          the well prior to installing the sole.

          "Looking forward from aft cabin"...this photo is a bit
          deceiving in that it gives the impression of great headroom.However,
          that is simply because I have yet to install the cabin sole which
          will effectively raise things another foot or so. The little
          thermometer clipped to the bulkhead is one of three.The other two
          are located inside the boaw shed and one outside. I have been
          religiously recording the three readings for postarities sake and
          find that I can easily attain a 12 to 15 degree difference between
          the outside temps and those within both the shed interior and inside
          the cabin. The poly film layed over the cabin top further enhances
          the "greenhouse" effect.

          "Looking along the starboard side"....sure looks tall but a
          good part is under water,no rub rail installed and no paint
          scheme,thus the illusion.There is however enough space to stroll
          around the boat :-)

          "Bow fillet,port side".... This is a close up which shows a
          layer of the MDO removed.This is for allowing the laying of
          fiberglass tape along the chines,prior to fiberglassing the sides,
          and will result in a smooth,seamless transistion....no ugly
          fiberglass tape edges to fair :-).....also,each screw was removed
          and its hole plugged with epoxy and one round toothpick.The
          toothpick serving as a mini pile-driver to get the thickened epoxy
          all the way down top the bottom of the screw hole.The toothpick is
          left in place until the epoxy cures and is latter sanded off. Sure,I
          have lots of time on my hands for this sort of craziness and wish to
          avoid future grief with any type of "fastening sickness"....

          "Bruce boarding ladder".....what can I say,my main corrupting
          force and inspiration for maddness :-)

          "Peter enjoying pm nosh"....yes I was and comfy too on my
          little bit of log sitting right bellow where the kitchen counter
          will go. But ya shouda seen what I could see from there as Big Bad
          Bruce christianed/blessed/spilt a goodly glass of sacred Porto onto
          the the floor of the galley...and the boat wasn't even rockin' !

          That's it for my comments regarding Bruces pictures.Hope you
          enjoyed looking at them and perhaps Bruce will post some more since
          he sure took alot!


          Peter Lenihan, from along the sub-freezing shores of the dark
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