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Re: [bolger] Scale Mpdel Bolger skiff

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  • Mark
    Paul, If I had a scanner I d put this up for you; but, alas, not. Maybe your library has a collection of the _Small Boat Journal_. Number 63, Nov. 88 contains
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 30, 2004

      If I had a scanner I'd put this up for you; but, alas, not.

      Maybe your library has a collection of the _Small Boat Journal_. Number 63, Nov. '88
      contains Harold Payson's article showing a model of an authentic 'Coast of Maine
      Fisherman's Skiff'. Being somewhat more intricate than just taping up some precut planks
      and with a cross planked bottom, it just might be a young person's treat.

      Everything there to build a full sized boat also. If you can't get the magazine, regular
      plans available from Payson.

      > Back in the late forties and early fifties, on trips from Maine's Metinic Island, where I was then lobstering, I would stop by the late Axel Gronos' boat shop in Rockland for supplies. Neither time nor lumber was wasted here. Between new boats and repairs, the men were set to work building a 12 foot skiff that sat in the corner of the shop. It had plywood sides and a cross-planked bottom from the ample supply of plank ends from the lobster boats. The skiff was built upside down on a jig constructed at a comfortable working height so builders could work all day long, day after day without tiring.
      > The skiff's preshaped sides were cut out using a template and plopped down in thumb cleats nailed to the jig, They held the side panels at the right height while the workers bent them around the jig. Presto, those flat panels all of a sudden spelled BOAT.
      > As a young fellow in my late teens, I was impressed with what I saw. And I was even more impresed that a real boatbuilder like Axel would take an interest in me, let alone allow me to use his patterns. Axel knew exactly what he was doing in this design. After a lifetime of building boats, it's the easiest of any I've built. And it rows as well as any skiff of this style I've tried.

      Paul McLellan wrote:
      > I am interested in making a scale model rowing skiff with a child
      > and a Bolger Skiff would be my first choice. I should not be more
      > that 10 inches overall length. Would anyone have such a plan and if
      > so would they share it? I have BWOM and could scale fro it but the
      > rowing skiff is not there. It would be nice if the scale plan fit
      > on a sheet of 8 1/2 X 11. Thanks Paul McLellan withdrawing from a
      > great summer of boating.
      > Ï
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