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[bolger] Re: Another New Member Here - NW FL

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  • GHC
    Know it well, Don - we were next door at Southwind for 1.5 years on the Freedom. Rod and Reel was just sold, and they are beginning to fix it up. As for us,
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 20, 1999
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      Know it well, Don - we were next door at Southwind for 1.5 years on the
      Freedom. Rod and Reel was just sold, and they are beginning to fix it up.
      As for us, we're over in Bayou Chico hiding from the weather.

      We saw that rubber airplane once at the Newport boat show and again when we
      were just in Panama City - pretty neat. I doubt he is flying today - we
      were about to put out, but thunderstorms are brewing over in Perdido and
      moving east. You'll see 'em today.

      We draw 6.5 feet, so you gotta know we've been on the bottom! Mast is 55',
      so that leaves us out of the 50' bridges between you and I.


      At 11:08 AM 7/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >Small world! Our 30-footer was (is) in Pensacola, at Rod &Reel Marina, we
      >lived in Atlanta and had partners - couldn't get them to relocate it to
      >Panama City after we retired here.
      >We have had too many of those big thunderstorms lately, but most are
      >isolated enough to work around them in the bowrider... don't like that
      >preliminary lightning!
      >I really don't miss the keelboat - ours wasn't big enough to be forced
      >outside the ICW, but the 5 foot draft denied us a lot of areas inshore.
      >Back to Bolger; we went to the Cedar Key messabout this May, test hopped a
      >Birdwatcher and saw a nice Martha Jane. I have pictures of several
      >interesting small craft on the website http://www.ecoastlife.com . There is
      >also a good story about Cedar Key by a Sea Pearl 21 owner in the current
      >"Messing About". The Sea Pearl is a great beach cruiser but strictly a
      >camper for accomodations.
      >My most interesting observation this week: a guy "taxied" out from Sun
      >Harbor marina in a 10 foot inflatable with a Rogalo wing mounted overhead
      >and a Rotax 2-stroke engine/propeller behind, hit the throttle and ascended
      >into the sunset at about 300 feet altitude - "instant" floatplane! Oh, to
      >be twenty again...
      >Don Hodges
      >Lynn Haven, FL
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      >From: GHC <ghartc@...>
      >To: bolger@egroups.com <bolger@egroups.com>
      >Date: Tuesday, July 20, 1999 9:49 AM
      >Subject: [bolger] Re: Another New Member Here (NW FL)
      >>Hi Don,
      >>Unfortunate to hear about your blueboard experiment - it was clever and
      >>sounded pretty good. I wonder if the styrofoam just doesn't have the shear
      >>strength of urethane foams like divinicell/klegecell, etc. If it's
      >>twisting apart, that's probably the case. Have you tried to stiffen it up
      >>with thwart seats?
      >>Devlin's boats are certainly pretty, but I think complex. What about
      >>building Bolger's recent power trimaram for gunkholing on the ICW? (If
      >>Devlin's are too fancy for the Gulf coast, the tri might go too far the
      >>other way...)
      >>The hull design freeware has been a lot of fun, and I've "met" some
      >>interesting people.
      >>BTW, you may know I'm from Tulsa, but I'm sitting on my boat just now in
      >>Pensacola. We sailed outside to Panama City the other day (10.6 knots for
      >>several hours before a big thunderhead ate up those 100 miles!), as we
      >>can't unfortunately navigate the bridges on the ICW. Between the sand bars
      >>and the bridges, it's tough down here (but beautiful)!
      >>Gregg Carlson
      >>At 12:48 AM 7/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >>>I am just joining the group, have a couple of PB's books and subscribe to
      >>>"Messing About in Boats", so I guess I qualify as "intrigued but not
      >>>fascinated" by Bolger designs. I have built a Glen-L single Sea Kayak, an
      >>>11'-6" jonboat from fiberglass over styrofoam blueboard (a mistake - the
      >>>intent was to build a boat big enough to stand/cast in and light enough
      >>>a 60-yr-old to handle in a pickup bed - it is OK for rowing but flimsy so
      >>>6 hp outboard is destroying it in light chop on our bays - if I had it to
      >>>over, I would just use 1/4 plywood and cut down the freeboard to lighten
      >>>it - but I digress), a 6-foot ply dinghy to fit the cabin trunk on a
      >>>smallish 30-foot sloop (it had a mainsheet traveler across the top which
      >>>took away the aft part for supporting the dinghy). Also own an 18-foot
      >>>outboard bowrider for casual use and inshore Gulf of Mexico fishing. (Oh,
      >>>and the wife's Sunfish).
      >>>What I really need is another cruising boat, having rid myself of the 30
      >>>footer. After years of leaning toward a multihull for the speed and
      >>>draft, I have realized since retirement that "just pointing it where I
      >>>to go" and trailerability has a lot of appeal. I have also established
      >>>I don't need "runabout" speed, but the 12 mph or so I get on the jonboat
      >>>nice. So, I'm looking at trailerable weekenders/cruisers for homebuilding
      >>>in a reasonable time, inshore-Gulf capable with an eye to the weather (day
      >>>trips). At the top of my list right now is Sam Devlin's 22-foot Surf
      >>>with a 40-60hp 4-stroke outboard. Downside: pricey! A used one is
      >>>advertised for $42,000!! Frankly, I don't see the value there, but my
      >>>of thumb is homebuilding probably saves half - $20,000 is still too much.
      >>>Has anyone here built, bought, or even investigated the SS?
      >>>Bolger has several 22-24 foot power cruisers, both the Tennessee-style and
      >>>the Retriever-style. I can't bring myself to spend a year building a boat
      >>>this "open-minded" in this size range. Does he have other more
      >>>designs which might fit me, or do I need a sea trial to open my mind?
      >>>BTW, Gregg, my thanks too for this list and especially your design
      >>>freeware - it's very generous and I believe you may be out in front of (or
      >>>at least among) a real discerning group in the "open source" software
      >>>movement. When will you port it to Linux and let the devotees add
      >>><g>? If it would only mix glue, saw, sand, and paint!
      >>>Don Hodges
      >>>Lynn Haven, FL (on the coast halfway between Pensacola and Tallahassee)
      >>>http://www.ecoastlife.com Your Cyber-Vacation on the Emerald Coast
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