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  • Peter Lenihan
    ... Indeed! Han Van Pelts did a superb and intelligent rendering of a Bolger Champlain.Of course,the lucky devil is a cabinet-maker by trade,and it shows.He is
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 2, 2004
      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, Bruce Hallman <bruce@h...> wrote:
      > > it makes me want bow fillets on my
      > Champlain.
      > I also was looking recently at the Kingson
      > Messabout photos of Han Van Pelts Champlain
      > and remarking to myself just how tricked out
      > he made his boat, literally with a bell and a whistle
      > [bull horn], boat hooks on hooks, BBQ, the luxury
      > of a small cottage afloat.
      > http://4dw.net/cosailor/ontario/champlain.htm

      Indeed! Han Van Pelts did a superb and intelligent rendering of a
      Bolger Champlain.Of course,the lucky devil is a cabinet-maker by
      trade,and it shows.He is also a very proud owner who takes the time
      to wipe down the dew each morning,from top to bottom.
      It was a real treat to visit on board while in Kingston and an
      excellent reminder of how well Bolger does interiors,from an
      ergonomic point of view, for at no time does one ever feel
      pinched,squeezed or otherwise forced to assume an un-natural posture
      while taking repose in the cabin.Tasks best accomplished while
      standing,like cooking and dish-washing,have the standing headroom
      even for tall folks while other tasks like eating or studying on the
      throne have also the required clearances.
      It surprises me that there are not more Champlains around since for
      a 22 footer they do offer an amazing amount of useful interior
      volume yet need only the miserly out-put/gas-consumption of a 9.9hp
      outboard. When I think of the many marinas packed with runnabouts in
      the 20 somthing foot range,sporting big horses on their transoms and
      virtually no accomadations relying on a small cuddycanvas work over
      the cockpit for shelter,there is clearly a need for a Champlain.Too
      often I've heard the lament about how so and so would have enjoyed
      spending the weekend at anchor but it was too windy,rainy,cool
      etc.....and they did not feel like being cooped up inside a litle
      cuddy.The Champlain,with its' great capacity for all of ones
      creature comforts,seems like the best possible route for extending
      ones pleasures out on the water. If there is a down-side to
      Champlain,it would have to be all the missed Mondays at work since
      no-one would ever feel the need to rush back to the weekday rat-race.

      As for those bow fillets,Bruce, you'll have to get a Windermere,for
      having seen the plans for Champlains fillet piece,they appear to be
      more in the order of simple wedges,à la V-bottom, then the
      curvatious hand-magnets installed on Windermere. Not a day goes by
      when I don't stroke,pat or otherwise simply sit and stare at the
      boat,end-on, and marvel at its existence......or perhaps it is just
      me since everytime I look at her fillet pieces I simply cannot
      believe that I actually built them.So many curves,too few hands to
      fully appreciate the fullness of them :-)

      So,hurry up already and get your Navigator launched before
      Jason"Fall or bust" Stancil beats you to it ;-) Besides,once the
      Navigator is launched and"out there",you and yours will be able to
      appreciate and more easily envision just how much roomier a lovely
      Champlain will be and that regardless of the weather( not a terribly
      big concern,I suspect, for folks in sunny California) you can always
      count on being comfortable. You could even tow/carry a number of
      your smaller boats along for entertainment while out cruising and
      calling in sick on Mondays :-D


      Peter"What!Me sick?" Lenihan, who came THIS close to doing a
      Champlain until PCB cracked my dream-scape wide open with
      Windermere...just a wee bit bigger then her baby sister but clearly
      from the same father.............
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