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Re: Brick leeboard

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  • Mark
    Thanks for these replies. ... Gluing down the 1x3 will make the difference. A 3 or 4 foot one ought to be enough, eh? ... Absolutely. Especially after spending
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 1, 2004
      Thanks for these replies.

      > I have a pivot leeboard on my brick. What I did was to mount a 1x3
      > on the outside at the level of the bolt and a bracket just below the
      > gunnel.
      > Doug

      Gluing down the 1x3 will make the difference. A 3 or 4 foot one ought to be enough, eh?

      > Also consider building it with a side
      > mounted daggerboard, per PCB plans.
      > I understand your desire for a pivoting
      > lee board, but in actual practice you might
      > find that the daggerboard might be workable.
      > It certainly is the simplest option.
      > Bruce

      Absolutely. Especially after spending more time than I care to reveal figuring out just
      where the pivot should be, both to leave enough but not too much peaking through the rail
      to pull down with and to come just so high to clear at the rear without ever hanging up on
      _top_ of the chine. An inch either way does seem to matter. Also, the center shifts back
      so far when retracted I doubt it will be much use.

      Still, before sailing in the 40 foot deep water, I need to learn how to in the water that
      may average 4. Maybe it needs some brass half oval around the front.

      When this one breaks, the next may be a triangular one, as is found in a centerboard; only
      pinned through the chine, and mounted open on the side.

      (( Also: One of you was nice enough to send a couple of pix. I saw the message briefly
      today at work, but must have given it the wrong flag when unsuccessfully trying to open
      the jpgs. (That network is great about connecting out but a little too careful about what
      it takes in, I guess.) Anyway I think it came down to this computer at home but cannot
      find it.))

      But I got the gist of a plywood pad inside. Would yours be about 8 inches square? If you
      can send that message again, I'll be grateful.

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