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Re: hollowed vs. birdsmouth vs. box mast

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  • Peter Lenihan
    ... wrote: I m trying to figure out wich route to take on ... Jason, It has been awhile since I built the spars for my ex-Micro LESTAT
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 27, 2004
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      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, "smithriverranger"
      <jasonstancil@h...> wrote:
      I'm trying to figure out wich route to take on
      > my micro Does the
      > diameter need to increase from the plans or can i stick with the
      > diameter called for?

      It has been awhile since I built the spars for my ex-Micro
      LESTAT but.....doesn't Bolger already provide exactly the
      construction method and dimensions needed for the construction of
      your spars with the plans?
      As a general rule,an amateur builder can save alot of time,guess
      work,worry and chaos by following the information provided in the
      plans,especially with a proven design like the MICRO.
      One silly advantage of following the instuctions on the plans is
      that you"automatically" get a nice little 1/2" square tunnel running
      all the way to the top of the mast...great for running wiring for a
      mast head light.Beyond that, all you have to do is glue together
      some dimesional lumber one morning,plane and trim the next day and
      start varnishing on the third day.Tools require?
      Clamps,planes,pencils and measuring tape. It doesn't get much easier
      then that unless your only tool is an axe and you just chop a tree
      down for the mast :-)
      If you are new to the beautiful world of boatbuilding,sticking
      to the plans can go a long way toward ensuring a successful build.On
      the other hand,if you have several boats under your belt,and evolved
      preferences for how you like to do/build things,then...ah...wait a
      minute....well I guess you wouldn't be puzzling over changes to the
      design specs would you?
      Bolger,the designer, tells/shows you what his choice is for his
      designs while allowing some leeway for various levels of experience
      etc.....while here,in the group,you'll get lots of differing
      opinions,from all sorts of sources,not all of it first hand either
      nor based on experience.Not a bad thing,in and of itself,but just
      remember that none of us beer swilling pirates is accountable for
      our free advice while Bolger,the designer,is.

      Peter Lenihan,hoping this is not taken all wrong.........
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