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Re: Filling in the State Series, was: neural mass

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  • donschultz8275
    I m looking ahead also. Of course living space is a very personal choice, but this isn t a project I d sign up for. I see Illinois and Puffer as true live
    Message 1 of 16 , Mar 26, 2004
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      I'm looking ahead also. Of course living space is a very personal
      choice, but this isn't a project I'd sign up for.

      I see Illinois and Puffer as true live aboard capable for two who
      sleep together but also need to enjoy a bit of room. Illinois has
      everything you describe below at the same time plus more.

      Two aboard Tenn, Idaho, Dakota, or even Wyoming seems tight to me.
      They are each my idea of a nice vaction boat for perhaps even a
      couple months but not "forever". There is a Wyoming in Australia
      with lots of cabin added, even so, Illinois seems a better use of
      space to me. You can spend time in separate cabin spaces.

      My path there is Work Skiff 18 with a slot top cuddy added, then
      Idaho/Dakota, finally Illinois.

      My Illinois will have a 100+hp outdrive so it can cover some miles
      and 7' overheads but otherwise will follow the Bolger design and

      All are sharpies with similar construction so my skill set will grow
      through each buildup.

      Here is a link with an essay in which PCB talks about Illinois,
      Puffer, and the design philosophy.


      Puffer is in bolger2 files, big bolger boats

      Here is a link to view "Turtle" which I understand to be about the
      size of Tennessee, with lots of superstructure.


      Don Schultz

      --- In bolger@yahoogroups.com, johnfader <johnfader@b...> wrote:
      > Time to get serious or drop this idea. It is plain that there is a
      > between Idaho (day launch) and Dakota (liveaboard for two). Now,
      > obviously Tennessee is more liveaboard than Idaho, so could be said
      > work here, but is TN really large enough for two or for one as a
      > permanent home?
      > Anyone have an idea what PCB charges these days for a commission
      > this? I'm guessing that a dozen of so folks sould share this
      > and each would be out about the cost of a set of plans; if the
      > commission fee could be negotiated to include a set of plans for
      > one in the group.....
      > I envision a design with a half-dozen different accomodation
      > from nearly open dayboat to full Dakota-like liveaboard cabin. Full
      > standing headroom would be useful, but I could live with a lower
      > coachroof, solid over a center main saloon but slot-topped fore and
      > A rear deck large barely enough to accomodate either a small I/O
      > or large tankage for an outboard would be nice. There must be a
      > foredeck for lounging on a couple of lawn chairs. Wet anchor well
      > would be useful (would Bolger even be willing to design without one
      > these days??? :-)
      > Enclosed head with sitting shower capability and a loose galley are
      > necessary. I think the galley could be combined with the main
      saloon and
      > helm given a pull-out second berth on the port side. Head would be
      > in or adjoining this saloon.
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