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Websites, please do it!

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  • dbaldnz
    If I can make a website, I reckon anyone can. I m computer illiterate.I too would like to see everyone s lovely Bolger boat, and dream of building every one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2004
      If I can make a website, I reckon anyone can. I'm computer
      illiterate.I too would like to see everyone's lovely Bolger boat, and
      dream of building every one of them.
      Building your own site is fun, I didn't watch tv for 2 weeks (except
      for sport), so it has to be good for you.

      A couple of things to watch for if you do, which could have saved me
      lot's of time-

      Some WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) programs seem great, but
      have severe disadvantages. I used one such, and built a web site
      quite quickly, but when I put it up to a local computer newsgroup to
      test, several people had text overlapping photos and other visual
      problems. This is because, while it is very easy to drag and drop
      text and photos and position them precisely on your page, you may be
      the only person who sees it like that. Absolute positioning is bad.
      Others will have different browsers, screen settings, resolutions etc
      etc. So I had to start all over again.

      You can download a free html editor and write the code yourself (it's
      a good idea to do this and dabble a bit anyway....sooner or later a
      smattering of HTML (web language) will help, and there are lots of
      free tutorials on the web).

      Or you can get a program such as I used for my site (Easy Web Editor,
      and there are probably others), where HTML is in the background, but
      the interface is easier for human beings. With a program like this,
      you make tables into which you place text or images, and the settings
      are based on percentages of page widths, so the relationships will
      look as you intended on other peoples screens, no matter what their
      size or resolution. This sounds complicated, but really it's all done
      for you.

      The other problem I had was with free web hosts. I signed for about
      10 of them. First you have little or no control over their adverts,
      which may come and go, which can dominate, or make image and text
      placement difficult. Then, I received a warning email that my program
      had sent a file with an extension which was not allowed (and didn't
      even know was there), a once only warning. I fixed that but must have
      transgressed in some other way, so when I checked back, my site was
      custard! You can't have that if you want a credible site. So I found
      the pay site I used, which costs the huge sum of $us 0.78c a week,
      with good security and no unreasonable restrictions, and excellent
      documentation and help.

      There are probably people here who can add to or modify, or query the
      above...please do, but that has been my short experience.

      So, please, get going, have fun and get your craft on the web for us
      all to see!
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