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Tampa area Recreational Rowing Club

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  • Bruce Hector
    Hello fellow portly (and I m sure a few very svelde) Bolgeristas. I m starting a rowing club here, hoping to meet someone willing to stand me to a pint in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Hello fellow portly (and I'm sure a few very svelde) Bolgeristas.

      I'm starting a rowing club here, hoping to meet someone willing to
      stand me to a pint in return for a small dose of my nautical
      mumnigicance. Fat chance!

      Below is a copy of the press release I've sent off to the local Tampa,
      St. Petes, & Clearwater news, radio and TV organisations about it.

      Any Bolgeristeros within a few thousand miles are cordially invited to
      trek on over any Wednesday eve.

      Oddly enough we'll be meeting at a waterfront pub. Solely due to its
      low, easy boarding, floating docks, free parking and boat launching
      facilities, of course!

      Brawny Bruce Hector
      j'sut entendre por un Maudite froid.

      Press Release
      Indian Rocks Recreational Rowing Club
      for more information contact:
      Bruce Hector

      For Immediate Release

      Largo, FL, 1 Feb. 2004 ……. Row, scull, pull, or even drive your way
      to the founding meeting of the Indian Rocks Recreational Rowing Club
      (IRRRC). It will be held from 5 -7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 4th,
      2004, at The Pub Waterfront Restaurant and Lounge, 20025 Gulf Blvd.
      Indian Shores, FL.

      If you've ever struggled at the oars of a boat built for motoring,
      you're in for a very pleasant surprise. Unlike a motorboat, a boat
      designed exclusively for rowing glides with ease through the water.
      One pull of the oars, and these wood/composite hybrids glide 30 yards
      or more. But don't just take our word for it: you're invited to join
      us and take one for a spin.

      Two home made 16 foot wooden row boats will be at the
      inaugural meeting: a three person skiff and a one person dory.
      Attendees are welcome to try them for a short pull.

      Experienced oarsmen and women as well as first-timers are urged to
      come over. Feel free to bring your own rowboat. Launching facilities
      are free to any boat that one or two people can safely carry. (Trailer
      launches must be made elsewhere.)

      The Inter Coastal Waterway (ICW) at Indian Rocks is a well protected
      venue for beginning rowers, and leads to many miles of coastal
      discovery. From huge mansions to winding mangrove swamps, a silent
      rowboat fits in easily. The shallow draft of these boats permits the
      rower to glide near the shore, getting close to waterfowl and wildlife
      without disturbing them.

      Rowing is excellent exercise and lots of fun. Almost without
      realizing it, the upper body, legs and abs get a thorough workout in
      constantly changing nautical surroundings.

      Come and join us at The Pub. It's a great location for launching
      light weight boats—with easy to use floating docks and lots of free
      parking. Everyone interested is welcome. (You don't need to be from
      Indian Rocks.)

      Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
      If you take any size except XL, please bring your own life jackets.
      For more information, please check our group website at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IRRRC/ . We will meet every Wednesday
      at 5 p.m.

      1- The timing is perfect for photo ops as the sun will be low, in
      the west, behind camerapersons on the docks

      2- jpegs of the skiff or dory are available if desired.
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